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Stealing Time from Writing to Say: January 24, 2009

1. I like coffee. But I am sad we are out of milk. Ever since I went off sugar, I've needed milk in my coffee, something I never used to want. Mmmm. Whole milk. 

2. I like yoga and rock-climbing. They seem to feel similar, but on different planes.

3. I like getting up early and writing on the weekends while Lala sleeps. Harriet is too old to sleep with us all night now -- she pees on the carpet and the other day she fell off the bed. So now she sleeps in the living room with the rest of the menagerie. But in the early morning, I  carry her outside to pee (she's all soft and sleepy and sweet -- I love that), and then bring her in and  put her up on the bed. Lala and she get some good cuddle time then.

4. I like the internet. Isn't it amazing?

5. I really, really, really like falling asleep on the couch, especially when Lala is watching TV and knitting. There is almost nothing better than that. She probably wouldn't know that by how grumpy I act when she wakes me up to go to bed, but it's true.

6. I like you!


In the WE LIKE category, we like holding things like babies, especially Waylon:

He could seriously hang out like this all day.

What's up?

This looks like he's in motion, but I got out my camera and took the shot AFTER Lala pointed out that he was HOLDING HIS PAW. Just hangin'. Paw-holdin'.

But you know that we are equal-opportunity holder-like-babies:

We like it. But Clara's laser eyes tells you how she feels about this.

Back to work for me! Rock-climbing later! Woot!


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Love the internet too and your blog and seeing pics of the menagerie. Have a great climb!

I love sleeping in a Saturday morning with all three dogs. I love coffee even if I can only have it on weekends now and I love my big baby cat who loves to snuggle in my lap and purr for hours while I am working on the computer. Last but not least I love seeing the pets on your blog :)

I love hearing from friends and I love coffee, too. With sugar.
Oh, and I love new books.

We have a standard poodle that my 19 year old son likes to hold like a baby (he'd be mortified if he thought of it that way). She always looks a lot like Clara when he does it.
He's a bonzo climber, maybe there's a connection.

OMG-Did you touch up Clara's eyes or are they really laser like? Too funny.

Hi Rachael...do you know the Three Beautiful Things Blog? Maybe you could start a Three (or More)things we love item:)

I just loooooove cat feet. When we pic up our baby boys and their fuzzy little feet stick out, its about the cutest thing, ever! And then I kissa da feet...

I wish there were more caring, animal loving people in this world like you two :)

De-lurking. One of my New Year's resolutions was to tell people I enjoy that I enjoy them. So, I enjoy you! I also enjoy holding my cat like a baby. It horrifies any and all guests, and especially my boyfriend, but it's actually the only way to quiet Kitty down sometimes, to pick him up and coo to him. I'm thinking of trying a kitty bjorn for our next trick.

We should get a kitty bjorn for Digit.

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