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Time Off for Good BehaviorJanuary 12, 2009

This is a lovely three-day work week. And I just looked ahead in my calendar, and I was shocked to find that for my four days off, I have NOTHING planned except a concert (Le Yeux Noir at Yoshi's in the City) and yoga. There will be writing, of course. There is always writing. But that is natural and they still feel like days off.

You know what that means.

PAJAMA DAY. For real. Last week I managed to get a pajama day, but it was only because at first I was just too damn lazy to leave the house, and then I got stubborn. Even though I SHOULD have gone out to run errands, I just wouldn't. I dug my heels in and refused to leave the house -- got all Cancerian in my woolen shell. So all day I was justifying staying inside, arguing with myself and losing.

Instead, I want to plan a day-long staycation. I want to have the whole day all blocked off. I want movies on the Tivo and food in the house. I want knitting that I don't have to think much about. I finished a sweater yesterday (cute, but strange shape) which I will show you soon, so now I have to cast on for something else. That requires thinking, and gauge-swatching (my typical 22 st/ 10 row minimal swatch that wouldn't even make a Barbie's cape), and I would like that over with by Pajama Day.

And I have decided. It will be Thursday! That is now officially my Day of Rest.

Maybe it will cure me of this eye twich that has been plaguing me since January 1st.

Now I'm going to eat an apple! With peanut butter!


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I just had a pajama day yesterday. I didn't even take a shower, which was a real accomplishment for me.

I got a ton of stuff done, which might be cheating, but it was fun. My desk is beautiful! And my cables are sort of untangled! And I went shopping on Amazon!, etc.

Magnesium for eye twitches. Works like a charm. If you have Epsom salts, put a pinch in water and chug it.

oh my gosh - I thought I was the only one who loved apple with peanut butter ;)

I love pajama days. Enjoy yours!

Hey if it works let me know. I have had an upper eyelid twitch since about the 1st myself!

That sounds so good...I haven't had an all-out pajama day in ages. Enjoy!

Yup, I just did that on Sunday. And it was glorious! I started something in the crockpot and nibbled on it all day long. I had the entire first season of The Tudors to watch and knit and did puzzles.

Ahhh, wonderfulness...

Try some calcium citrate for that eye twitch. 1000 mg. Works.

I love your blog -- found it when looking at Ravelry projects.

Btw, I've had an eye twitch since before Christmas. What the hell?! I'll have to try the magnesium -- now that I think of it, I was eating a lot of bananas and then suddenly stopped over the holidays. H'mmmm ...

Hate to break the news to you, you're still a young'un, but....... eye twitch? Try some reading glasses.

I know... why IS that as soon as I declare International Pajama Day, sometime unavoidable come up and I have to go out? What do I do? Go out in my PJ's?

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