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Cobbler's ChildrenFebruary 20, 2009

Oh, Alameda. It's a persnickety town, too privileged for its own good. I worked dispatch there for years, and I know its ins and outs -- I know who the crazies are and where the pains in the ass live. I even still remember one drunk's birthday, because I ran him for warrants so many times.

Today we went to the dog park in Alameda. In the time I was there, I heard five different people gripe at each other about some small infraction: Don't let your dog too near mine, you can't trust him on the leash (why on earth is he at the dog park?), don't leave the trash can lid open, it's my turn to go through the gate. I ignored them all and we just ran around.

As we left, a woman told me what a fucking asshole the guy was that she'd just talked to. She'd told him his dog had pooped. He said thanks but didn't clean it up. I said perhaps he was going back for it later, but really, I didn't care. Some people don't clean up after their dogs. They should, I get that, but I don't care enough to police every action of those around me. She was mad at me that I'd even suggested we give him the benefit of the doubt. She's probably very stressed out all the time with other people's action, you think?

(Pt. Isabel, in Richmond, is totally different. It's Disneyland for dogs, and the humans are usually peachy-keen, too. I have to remember that.)


Clara has finally figured out how fun it is to stick her nose out the window (she's on a seat-belt harness that keeps her safely inside the car). It took her a long time to learn that.

I've had a lovely day so far, aside from having to go get blood tests. Dr. Smartyboots diagnosed me with gallstones earlier this week, from wisdom gleaned from the internet. I do not browse medical sites. They freak me out. I thought she was crazy, but then I read the symptoms, and went to see my doctor, who thinks Dr. Smartyboots is probably right since I have all the classic symptoms. So, blood tests. A sonogram next week. Whatever. If it is gallstones, it doesn't hurt most of the time, so I'm not too concerned.

Then I had two hours to kill before yoga, so I wrote at Gaylord's in Piedmont. When did everyone start smoking again? I'm just wondering. It seems to be hip again.

Then yoga rocked, even though I was tired and achy. Yoga is my church. I'm so in love with Loka Yoga. Then a bath, and a nap, and a dog walk, and now it's time for more writing. Then I'll head to a rendevous with a friend with whom I'm collaborating on a pretty exciting creative endeavor, and there should be beer there, so it's just a damn fine day, isn't it?

At some point I should knit. I'm getting close to finishing a sweater for Lala, since she obviously needs something to wear to Stitches next week. Instead of this:


A thrift store sweater (nothing wrong with that) full of holes (SO WRONG) that she wears all the time. She'll totally wear that, too, if I don't finish hers, just to prove that cobbler's children go barefoot.


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Had to let you know that, thanks to you and your blog, I am knitting again for the first time in a long time......and for myself, no less! First a hat and scarf, then socks and now a cardigan. Where will it all end? With my thanks.. Yaaah Rachel.

So which day will you guys be at Stitches? I'd love to say Hi to you both!

Hey, have your tried the dog park in San Leandro? Every once in a while you get a kook or two, but in general it's pretty good. I'm going to try to show at a Sunday knitting at the coffee shop... if you want directions, let me know.

Good luck with the gall stones, you should have them removed, they can travel and cause a whole lot of grief.


ACK! I feel your pain. Had gallbladder surgery 10 years ago, but suffered for many prior to the surgery, completely clueless.
Avacado was the evil food that sent me to the hospital. Just be careful, I know you are, but it will sneak up on you. Thank you for the Alameda moment, lived at that dog park for years, until the crazies drove me to to Pt. Isabel, totally worth the drive!
Knit on.......:-)

Yeah! Stupid dog park people! If he's not going to pick up after his dog, he should teach it to poop in the surf, as is right and proper!

I've been dogwalking for someone 3x a week. Every Friday I take him to the dog park. The interpersonal politics of the dog park baffle me.

The dog park in Anacortes is filled with people who play fetch with their dogs like their dogs are studying for the LSAT. Like my dog is ruining their concentration by trying to play with them.

I checked with a friend in Seattle and he verified that the same phenomenon happens there. He calls them "Fetch Nazis."

hehee, I wear holy thrift store sweaters ALL the time! I have a really nice Norwegian on the needles, maybe I should finish it...

Oh geez, the politics of the dog park! My dog finds other dogs sort of annoying and bothersome, makes dog parks so much fun when combined with the fetch freaks and the poop valets, lol!

I have been suspicious that I have a gall bladder issue my own self. Just this Friday, I bought some beets to make a beet soup kind of thing that I can eat throughout the day to work on CLEANSING.

I had my gall bladder taken out 3 years ago, but had had some symptoms off and on for about 5 years before it really ramped up and became unbearable. It is estimated that something like 50% of women of 'child bearing' (ugh) age have gall stones, but is only a few of us that have symptoms.

I have some rather icky (and likely lifelong) side-effects since my gall bladder was removed, but I was to the point where I couldn't eat at all and was on vicodin a good deal of the time, so I didn't have too many options.

If you can keep the pain and symptoms under control without surgery, I'd totally recommend it. If you can stand to take Vicodin or something like it, it works well for the pain from the occasional attack.

Oy, the gallbladder! PLEASE don't dismiss a lack of symptoms. Like Leslie said, when they travel, WHOLE LOTTA GRIEF. I didn't know I even had gallstones until I ended up in the emergency room because one got STUCK in a duct, thus causing severe pancreatitis. I was in the hospital six weeks with IV nutrition for the pancrease (NOTHING to eat or drink for a solid month) followed by removal of a very stone-ridden gallbladder so that it wouldn't happen again. Not a good time.

Dog parks = playgrounds. All the social joys!

I agree - it's often worth the drive to enjoy somewhere with a more pleasant atmosphere.

(I wonder why I've never made it to Pt Isabel? Pt Richmond and Pt Pinole, yes. Got no dogs. Pt Pinole I love dearly. Especially fun to stand on the bridge when a train goes by.)

Maybe because I go to Kronkhite over in Marin if I'm driving farther... That's our happy beach. Full of happy dogs, more or less (often less) under voice control. My son is also under voice control. It doesn't work well when it needs to.

I do "dog poop" karma at the dog park. When I go to pick up my own dogs' primary export, I usually pick up a couple of other pieces in my general vicinity.

This is to make up for any stealth pooping that my dogs might have done or do, because, let's face it, occasionally I miss it. I assume others do the same, and there is a 6 year old boy at our park who LOVES to pick up dog poop with me. (I always take extra bags.)

Jasmin's comment reminds me that when my daughter (Clara) was three, she'd help her dad scoop poop by yelling, "Poop! Oh, poop...where are you?"

Someone in my neighborhood lets their dog poop at the bus stop, on the concrete, inches from perfectly good grass. I wish they wouldn't...

Have the Gall Stones removed, after the initial post surgical discomfort, you will be a new woman.
I had the entire Gall Bladder out 4 years ago and have never looked back.
I had to get everything removed as my late mother had Gall Bladder cancer, the surgeon advised that i wouldn't need it. He was right!

can dr. smartyboots send me the symptoms list to check myself as well? :)

OMG, you're married to my friend Ellen. And I thought her wife was the only one who had to endure her "quirk-itudes"! Bless you!

I'm sorry about the Testy Alamedans. I admit to having been the Poop Police in the past--until I got called out, missing a stealth poop from my own pup.

Now I pick up any stray ones near where I'm picking up and figure it all evens out.

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