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La's ShooterFebruary 25, 2009

I finished Lala's sweater! I had originally wanted to finish it for Stitches, but I realized that Wondercon is her even bigger thing this weekend, and it should be done in time for that, too. So I put on speed and finished it yesterday (finished knitting the back, doing the duplicate stitch pattern, seaming and sewing in the zipper -- all in one day).

And I'm so pleased.


It's Jesse Loesberg's great Retrofit pattern, free at Knitty. And it's his Space Invader chart, also (Ravelry link).


Specs:  Ella Rae Classic, 8ish balls used, 3US needles, size 46 made to gauge. Zipper from Zipperstop.com -- they are the BEST.

All in all, great, easy pattern. La loves the shooter, and I love that she loves it.

TODAY: Michelle comes into town from NY! I'm so excited. She's doing Wondercon with Lala, but I'm hoping to drag her to Stitches at least for a minute. So yell if you see us, okay?


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What a great sweater! Lala is one lucky wife, you two are the best.
Thank you for sharing your lives (sweaters/music/writing/animals) with your readers.

I LOVE that sweater. Too cool!

I am ON THE PLANE RIGHT NOW. I can't get over how cool this inflight wifi deal is.

See you in THREE HOURS!

I'll look for the sweater when I'm there. :)

Oooh, ooh, come to Wondercon!!! (I also have a friend flying in from NY who is attending with me.)

Several Bay Area Librarians are going to be there so you could call it a networking thing.

You could deduct it! It could be an all-deduction weekend!

The sweater looks awesome! A bunch of Bay Area LSG peoples are meeting up at Stitches on saturday, maybe we'll see you there.

great lookin sweater and lala looks lalalicious in it! nice job. have fun at stitches.

La's sweater is way cool! I love the colors you chose too (or did La have a say there?)...Duplicate stitching - scared of your mad skillz.

That sweter is awesome and the fit looks perfect. You are one great knitter!

Lala's stylin'!

As always - gorgeous! How I wish I could put on a burst of knitting speed.

seriously cool sweater! Tell Lala to have a ball at Wondercon from me:-)

FANTASTIC sweater! Utterly Lala. You're good. But we knew that. Muah.

Cute sweater. Cute Lala. Cute. Cute. Cute.

Looks great on her. Well done.

Cute!! So nice of you to put a push on so she could wear it and as a bonus, you can start something new! Win-win. ;)

Great sweater! And I'm impressed at all you did in one day -- putting in the zipper would require me a day to just recover from it! ;-)

So, My partner was looking over my shoulder and she didn't notice Lala's sweater, but she zeroed right in on Miss Idaho. She thinks our Peanut should meet the little Miss, and she could be his girlfriend!

Now _that's_ a smile that lights up a room! Excellent sweater, expertly rendered. Congrats!

that sweatah is awesome.

i didn't know you could make Lala even MORE rockstar than she already is, but you are the magic.

she better put a lock on her closet next time i'm in town, that's all i'm sayin.

great job on the sweater :) Lala looks great in it! hahahahaha LOVE the space invader :D

Love it! What's that about cobbler's children? She can't complain now, or at least for a while! ;)

Hello Rachael:

I love this sweater and the way your friend Lala models it. Great pattern and she wears it so well! Beautiful achievement! Congratulations, Rachael. xoxo


Looks great on Lala! How the heck did you do that zipper so fast?

That is SO. COOL.

Lala looks very impressed with it too! YAY!

That sweater rocks! You were right - that sweater rocks!! It is just so so Lala.

The sweater is awesome! What a drag that I didn't see you guys at Stitches!

And also? If Lala is holding an Oakdale Cheese and Specialities (spe-shee-al-i-tees) mug I may squee because I have the same mug living at my house. I love that place! Come see how cheese is made!

Hey, Yarnagogo,I was glad to meet you this past weekend (I was with Cockeyed at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth and HizKnits introduced us...) Your sweater for Lala is absolutely wonderful! Love it and I'm sure she does, too!

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