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RainFebruary 15, 2009


I'm home. I've spent two hours today driving in the pouring rain, in the dark. I've decided that I hate that. I know that's a big shock. I'm sure you LOVE driving in the dark in the rain at  speed in heavy traffic.

I also realized, after hydroplaning twice, that hydroplaning is YOUR CAR FLOATING ON WATER. No. I do not like that. I had a couple of little hydro-boosts, and one scary go-one-way, skim-back-another.

It was my brother-in-law's birthday, so after my shift, I met him and Lala for Indian food at House of Curries. They thought I was kidding when I said I wanted a Tikka Masala for myself. I was not kidding. Tikka Masala (who cares about the chicken -- it's all about the sauce), rice, and garlic naan. I am stuffed. It was worth the rain.

And now I am liking being home. At my desk. I have two great piles of papers, one of either side of my computer -- I got my final edits from my editor! And I can't tell you how exciting it was yesterday to pull almost a ream of marked-up paper from an envelope, how cool it was to go through the revision letter, to glance at the pencil marks, to set it on my desk and start working. (There will be another round, I'm told, of copy-edits, but these are the last big Decisions being made.)

But now, bed. Oh, and I'll finish this half-glass of wine. If I must.


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"...the last big Decisions..."
You are getting there! - So cool!

Eeek! Be careful with the hydroplaning! That shit is EVIL! My brother totaled his Lotus and would have died had he not happened to crash right in front of a fire station.

How exciting! I'm really enjoying your writing journey, as I'm hoping that might be me in a year or so as well. Have fun with your edits!

WOW. You're sounding like such a writer!!

I'm about to hit the Lyon street stairs in this friggin' wet mess outside. But at least there's no hydroplaning possibilities. Revisions = fun? You will need to tell me your secret.

I haven't been keeping up lately so I got a good dose of life in the bay area this morning, thanks for the grins. I did need to check back on the roses gone wild question and I love that the handy guy wanted the barky jumpy dogs out of the crate, he can't be all bad if he loves wogs.

Yummm.... Tika Masala...

Hi, I'm delurking to ask if you know anything about Cheetahs on the Moon. I got an email, which included a my space page, but I don't recognize Lala in the picture and she hasn't written anything on her blog either. It gives me hope because I always meant to make it to a Whoreshoes show.

Just wondering...

getting so excited! the print date must be coming up soon... you'll *ahem* let us know when we can buy your book? :)

Oohh, I hate hydroplaning. I had a bad experience on a narrow, twisty, hilly, bordered by Canadian Shield, road. At least it was daylight. I pretty much won't drive at night in the rain; it's too hard with less-than-perfect vision (reflections, can't see the lines, fear of hydroplaning....). Makes me feel old, but I'd just rather be safe. Glad you made it home safe!

I'm gonna tell everyone that I "knew you when". And they're gonna call me a big fat liar.

And I'm gonna punch them. Because I'm not fat.

I'm really happy for you -- this is very exciting! Apart from the hydroplaning. That's not so exciting at all.

i'm getting really excited to read your first book - how much looooonger? impatience abounds. :)

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