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Woot! February 8, 2009

When she isn't helping to put out fires, Rachael Herron is creating flames of a different kind.

That seriously made my weekend. (Yes, I wear a uniform. In order to answer the phone. But at least I don't ever have to decide what to wear.)

Now. The house is clean, it's a rainy evening, Lala is out, and I have a date with a glass of wine and some television. I have just a SMIDGE of work to do tonight, and then I'll be getting cozy on the couch with some knitting and an artichoke.


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am I seriously first -- and can I just say WHOO HOOOO!! too cool and you are mighty cute in your uniform ;)

Go girl!
When your book comes out, I'll get to tell my friends, "Oh, I've been reading Rachael's blog since before she became so famous!"
So cool!

Okay. This is the coolest thing EVER. You're a star!

Congratulations! :D

Dood! You look seriously HAWT in that uniform.

Congrats on being the subject of a great article and you look great in a uniform!

You are so famous and awesome! I love that! And I can't wait to read your book and buy it for my mother-in-law (who is an alpaca spinning knitter!). I am stoked for you and am going to put a shout out to you on my blog. Hope that's okay!

And you look damn hot in that uniform too, darlin.

Wooo! Just that. Wooo!

"Someone always has to call 911. The dispatcher always gets a line or two." I love it!! Congrats on the write-up.

That is SO exciting! Congratulations. Thinking of a trip to Venice any time soon? Research for your next book, of course...

Whoo!!! Congrats, that's so awesome!! You're like, even more famous now. ;) Yay!!!

Talking about hot, that pic of you in your uniform is more than warm...

Look at you all famous. And this is only the beginning. I can't wait to read your book! Now, who would they get to play your knitter and rancher in a motion picture?

Wow, sexy picture!!! Nothin' like a girl in uniform. ;) Congrats!

you are SO Famous! Love it! Showed it to daughter bird after it was sent to me via my electric ride....she said *hooray* and sighed that you were so lucky to get to wear a UNIFORM to work. No decisions=no anxiety in her book ;) We both send hugs! xoxox

Does it sound too corny to say I am so proud of you? I've been reading your blog from the early days and feel like I was sitting with you this whole time. Congratulations!

Woohoo! Congratulations. Great picture.

Besides being an awesome article about you, you are so HOT in that uniform!

and I agree the photo is bitchin'


Great article about you. Congrats...and best wishes for all your projects...both knitted and written. Woo Hoo Too!

CUTE pic girl!! Livermore, sigh, I remember when it only had two exits off the highway. You work for the county not the lab right?

Awesomeness on the uniform and the article! w00t.

This just makes me so happy! For you, for writers, for the world. Thanks for making my day. And you do look beautiful in that photo!

Alas, if I get my dispatch job (I should hear within 2 weeks) I won't be wearing a uniform...love the pic of you in yours! That's awesome. Congrats on the publicity--the more the merrier, I always say.

Yeah! I know they say that any publicity is good publicity but this is GREAT!

Yeah! Great article!!!

That is so cool! Congratulations!

You look so official in your uniform. :)

So cool - thanks for the linky!! And great pic!!

Looking good in that uniform, girl!

SO Cool!!! Proud to know ya!

Wow! Writer extraordinaire AND hotty fire fighter. Congrats. :-)

Fun! What a great article! Yay Rachel!

A great link on a fire fighting website connected me to your story. Congratulations. My wife is a writer and I am always working on her to include firefighters in her books, so far with little luck. I look forward to purchasing your 1st book and giving it to her.

I'm so proud of you! ...and I don't really know you... but still!! So exciting! (I can't WAIT to read the book.)

Great article, and you look great in your uniform!

congrats! Looking forward to reading the book.

Loved the article and the pic is sooooo cute! Congrats!

We have tix for Thursday's show, see you there! Maybe I'll remember my knitting this time :)

Great article! Kudos on being newsworthy!

What a great photo! You look gorgeous in your uniform - I don't think you've ever shown us that before.

Now that you're famous, we can say we "knew" you when...

Hi Rachael,
Great article and I just had to drop you a note to tell you! I have not met you but someday, maybe! I am a dispatcher as well and I think it is so cool that you are knitter (like me and others in my department) but that you are also a writer. Awesome, thanks for making us dispatchers proud!!

Yay! This is awesome! Congrats on the write-up, and nice looking uniform, too!

Look at you, getting famous all over the place! Way to go!

How exciting!! You look lovely in your picture, and the article is wonderful. I'm so happy for you. {{hugs!}}

Canadian dispatchers get to go to work in PJs. Come work up here!

You used to teach? Why not anymore? As someone getting into the industry, I'd be interested in hearing.

You are a STAR.

I don't read your blog for a few months and WOW!!! What great things are goin' on for you.

Happy 2009 indeed! May it be a great one for all of us.

I really love reading your posts with your upbeat tone and the adventures that you and Lala (and just you, brave girl) have!

That is just the best thing - and the article ain't bad, either...

How awesome!! What a cute photo too. Such a hottie in a uniform! *whistle*

Congratulations, that is awesome news! That's a cute photo of you in uniform too!

Good for you! The article is great and I love that pic of you in uniform. I wish my job required a uniform because deciding what to wear causes me a big delay each morning.

So, I usually warble about how I love a man in a uniform, but grrrrrl, you look spicy in yours! :) Of course I knew I wouldn't be the first person to pay you that complement. What a super awesome article. Annnnnnnd I sound like I'm writing in your yearbook. :) Go you!

Fabulous! You know we always love a woman in uniform. How amazing that she is also a knitter and a soon-to-be-published romance writer. Congratulations.

Oh, happy day! And you sounded so smart in print, too! Not that you aren't but you know newspapers. Great photo, too.
Go eat that artichoke.
Bask in your fame, doll!

I got all teary-eyed reading this. you rock!

How exciting! Thanks for sharing your success with us - I can't wait to buy your book!

Very cool!!! I am anxious for the book to be released. Did you show the paper to Digit? Was he imressed with his talented Mama?!

Hi. I would just like mention that I want to be you when I grow up.


"getting cozy on the couch with some knitting and an artichoke..." Love that line. :)

Woo-hoo!!! You go, girl!!

Full-size cardboard Rachael IN UNIFORM!
OMG, book sales would go through the roof.

WOOT! You go girl! Great article!

The photo is so awesome I just glanced by it thinking it was an ad, looking for the 'blog' Rachel picture, LOL. What a model!


I repressed the urge to comment on the actual article about what a hot item you are in that photo ;)

Why has no one else done so yet?? That's the shocking part.

Many hearty congratulations!!

Great photo and fab story!

I'm late to the party as usual but congrats on the coverage!

Great article, I love the intro. You give me hope that I can get published someday. I trun 31 this year and I was starting to panic.

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