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WorldwideFebruary 5, 2009

I was just standing in front of my copy machine. I was making copies, don'tcha know. Tax stuff. For writing. Because I'm a writer. I was dealing with international tax stuff. You already know my book is going to be translated into German and sold there.

But now I'm going to be published in Australia (and distributed in New Zealand)! Random House Australia has picked up my book for publication in early 2010! How excited am I?


I love that my family and my mother's friends in New Zealand will be able to buy it right there, off the shelf. 

Also, I'm rather giddy, thinking about how I'll have to collect the different editions of the book. I think I'll have Lala put up a shelf somewhere in the house, just for the books.

I can't quite tell how you my head explodes when I think of things like this.

It's still the dream. Coming true.


It's nice to be thrilled. Also, it's nice that I've done the 2008 taxes today, and I remain standing. No blood, none at all. I am annoyed that dumb old Governor Arnold is withholding my state tax refund indefinitely, since California can't afford to give us the money they owe us. They are issuing IOUs instead. Dude. Whatever. Whenever money comes, it's welcome, right?

Oh, and speaking of taxes -- my 2008 taxes were simple enough to do with Turbo Tax. But can anyone recommend a Bay Area tax preparer that can help me out with filing quarterly taxes this year, since I'm now getting money for writing (woot!)? Thanks! I'd found a great one, and I've LOST ALL THE INFO on her. Because I'm a moron sometimes.

Australia! New Zealand! And I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon! Good stuff. (Also, after taxes are done, everyone deserves a big old treat, right?)


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So cool. I found one of my friend's books in a supermarket and bought it there to pump up her demographics!

Also, justtaxes@aol.com, John Stephenson. His office is a block from El Cerrito BART, and he's my uncle, as well as a fine accountant. Tell him Rachel, Stephanie's daughter, sent you.

I am just so thrilled reading about your dream coming true. I do know a great accountant, but she is in Palo Alto. She does work with self-employed and small businesses quite a bit, I believe. If you want her info, email me :)

Thrilled for you. And about the taxes, you could ask your friend Mr. Celia for advice or a good tax person. He is well versed in the ways of taxes, being a CPA and all.

So exciting that your writing dreams are coming true!!

Maybe the IOU is the universe's way of delivering the money to you when you really need it!

So so so wonderful I don't have any words!

I don't know if it's too late for this, but if you need to front your own tax money for next year with the self-employed writer stuff, you can designate that your refund go towards your bill for next year (I hope I am making sense). That way you get your money in a sense. Because who knows if that IOU will even come in next year? Might as well check the box to have it go towards your 2009 bill.

I meant to add my congratulations on all things publishing!!! It is so exciting you see your dream come true! I'm looking forward to reading your book.

Will it be available on Kindle?

Wow, your book deal is absolutely blooming! It'll be so cool to see all the different versions lined up in a row on that bookshelf!

That's so cool.

You ROCK!!

I just want to send you a hug!

I am so excited to read your book! I was thinking of where I wanted to order it from, since I don't usually buy books, and I wondered if your publisher had plans to market the book to yarn shops? Would that even be an option? I'm thinking of telling my LYS owner to pick it up so I can buy it from her, I'm always looking for ways to spend money at her store.

Normally, I only read period romance, you know, but for you, I'll make an exception. :D

I am so excited for you. I've been watching way too much cable news lately and didn't realize it until reading your post. I had almost forgotten about the good news!

Thanks for sharing and a huge congrats!!

Hey Darlin'- I went to Katie the tax lady at KYB just this past Wednesday. I ADORE her! (She's the same one that you recommended, whom I had separately found online.) She rocks. I'll give you her info when I SEE YOU later today. ;) Muah.

long time lurker here... i am SO happy for you! i really am. when you share your good fortune (a product of your hard work) it spreads even further. my days been a good one and reading about how things are going with you is just icing. :)

Wow. That's all I can say, wow. Multiple continents...WOW!! I'm star-struck...REALLY!! :D

When does the book get released in Canada?

Fantastic! please post when it's due out in Oz and I'll watch for it ... or ask my friendly neighbourhood bookshop to be sure to stock it :-) and you know we have writers festivals all the time down here -- authors come from all over, to hang out at the old Abbotsford Convent or elsewhere ...

and now I have to go and do *my* 2008 taxes :-|

So, will you still remember us little people when you're a best-selling author? :-)

Congrats again and again and again, dear Rachael!!

That is SO COOL!!! Big congratulations to you! :)

OMG! So intensely cool about the book. Wow! Makes me giggly inside!

The tax refund thing another kind of wow. Ugh wow. And sheesh wow.

I would highly recommend Katie Krohn at H&R Block on University Avenue in Berkeley (near the downtown Berkeley BART station), especially for international income. You can read all about her on the Tax Pro Finder at the H&R Block website. Don't let the big Block scare you away. I've worked with her as a fellow tax preparer for five years, and she is fantastic. And, yes, she does knit, spin, and adore fibers like the rest of us.

This is awesome. I am SO PROUD OF YOU! It has been so much fun watching you go from thinking about writing to devoting yourself to it and now this! This is so seriously awesome :)

Very Cool!
I can imagine what a delight it will be for your New Zealand family and mom's friends when they see your book for the first time in the bookstore. Scanning, scanning...F...G...H, Ha, He, HER, HERRON! Here it is!
I am always happy when the book I want is there.
Of course, your book will be on the table right by the entrance with a full-size cardboard Rachael.

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