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Back to RealityMarch 2, 2009

Today was one of those days when all my fur stood up and I had wild eyes and difficulty retracting my claws. You know that feeling? I honestly think it's a reaction to an overdose of fun. Michelle visiting! Rock climbing! Stitches! Editing! Tonga Room! SO MANY ANIMALS! All very good, wonderful things.

    Me and Michelle, post Tonga Room, pre Naan'n'Curry.

But now I'm fitting back into my life. I'm remembering where I stored a normal day and dusting that off. I'm breathing, in and out. I came home from work and did yoga in my office with Harper's fish-tank bubbling and Sigur Ros playing. Then I had a piece of chicken with Lala. A glass of wine. The end of last night's Amazing Race. Now I'm off to bed, and that will fit, too. Tonight, the nerves are soothed and I'm relaxing into the place I live.


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I'm so glad I got to see you, even for a few minutes, at Stitches! My house guests left last night and I'm settling (happily) back into reality myself.

Yeah, I'm back into my normal life too, which isn't NEARLY AS MUCH FUN. I would much rather be durnk with you two.

Ahhhh, I miss the Tonga Room... scene of many fun evenings that I mostly remember...

Overstimulation is a dangerous thing, whether that stimulation is positive or negative...I sometimes feel myself regressing to four-year-old meltdown instinct in those circumstances... Definitely annoying.

You two look so great! I bet it was a blast to have Michelle visit.

You two look adorable! I love the Tonga Room. :)

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