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Early GalleyMarch 20, 2009

I don't feel that great, impending migraine and tummy issues to boot.  No fun, since I had big plans for today. I was gonna get up and write my little fingers off. Then yoga. Then I was going to go out and do something fun, go out into either wilderness or San Francisco. Same thing, whatever.

Instead, I slept in until 8:30am. No yoga. Futzed time away online (o hai!). I still have a yen to go to the City, taking my new Acer Aspire (LOVE) with me in my purse to work, but I have to admit, the only thing really luring me there is I've decided that while I'm still doing the no sugar thing, I'll occasionally allow myself the salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite, and TODAY WOULD BE A GOOD DAY FOR THAT. I would seriously brave the hour trek there just for ice cream. With a headache and all. That's kind of pathetic, but true.


You know what's really flipping exciting? I'm working on getting author blurbs for the book, and my incredible editor just up and sent me pre-copy-edit galleys for me to mail off. So two days ago, I came home to find Mrs. UPS had thrown a VERY exciting envelope into the bushes for me (I *have* to remember to check those bushes more often).

I found a bottle of almost empty prosecco in the refrigerator. I went and changed my shirt, in preparation (okay, I was home from work and was getting out of my uniform. But I chose the shirt specifically. Sometimes I can't believe at age 36 I'm still changing into my play clothes when I get home).

Check it OUT! Book! (Okay, galley, which is basically 8.5x11 paper cut in half and bound, but, dude, I didn't print it. Someone else was paid to do so. That's crazy.) OMG! (No cover art, no title yet. Believe me, you'll be the second to know).

Schematic of the pattern-with-book! Mine! Woot!

Then I had a sip. Yes, from the bottle. (Then I poured it out, because prosecco with no bubbles, well, where's the fun in that? But symbolically, it was good.)

My shirt? Oh? You want to know? "My literary agent can beat up your literary agent." HA! It's actually from a cafepress store of Lara Zielin, another client of my agent, Susanna Einstein. I love this shirt.

So. Excitement.


Also, for the animal lovers (THANK YOU for the comments on the last post. Harriet is sleeping at my feet right now, as usual. She loves you back), here is a Kitten Status Report:

Remember when Waylon and Willie were small? Earring-sized, as seen here:


They are bigger now:

Photo 336
This felt (and was) dangerous.

A better view of the size, here's Wilile:

Photo 338
Not to be all weird or anything, but when I just took this, Willie's belly smelled like talcum powder, sweet and flowery. Isn't that odd? And nice?

That is all. Bed now, I think. Until this headache abates, at least.


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Hope you feel better soon - maybe the prosecco was a little over the edge? Great stuff all around - missed your post yesterday - I love Harriet too. *My* dogs will live to be 100 because they know I can't bear the thought of losing them (I know, I know, but I can be delusional).

How cool is that to be able to see your book is coming together so nicely! I didn't even think that the publisher would bind a galley version. On another note: salted caramel ice cream is the BEST! I know you aren't "supposed to," but have your tried Haagen Daz's Fleur de Sel Caramel? Yummy!

Love the shirt and the kitties and the galleys (gallies?)!

Definitely do not wear the cats as earrings. They will stretch out your lobes something terrible!

Congrats on the book! I can't wait to read it.

My cats look the same when I filbert them (not easy with all that hair)

Yeah, my cats always have a pretty scent! Willy and Waylon always remind my of my terrible twins Mango and Tiger (I wanted to name them Mango and Chutney but was outvoted :( ) So sweet to look at but sometimes so bad! Woot to exciting packages in the bushes! Soon now, it will be a book we can purchase. Hey, I just got a new Acer Aspire (love, love) too, I will be bringing mine in my purse to San Francisco at the end of June!

1. So sorry to hear about your impending migraine . . . I woke up with one myself today, and ick.

2. Yay, book!!

3. I totally guffawed at your play clothes observation . . . I do that too, totally, but seeing that I'm not the only one kinda cracks me up.

4. Holy crap those cats have gotten big!

You go girl!

Oh, Rachel, that is so incredibly exciting--hopefully it made the migraine seem unimportant by comparison. Your BOOK!!

(And, sending love to Harriet)

That's awesome! Congratulations. :)

OK, you just reminded me, tomorrow...Artical Pract, Flax, Britex and Bi-Rite for Salted Carmel Ice Cream. Last weekend, didnt make the trip, tomorrow, snow or not I am going. Anything else that I should not miss? I made Salted Carmel at home, super delish...but want to try the real deal!!!!

My doggies paws and heads smell like fritos. :-)

Darnit...now I'm thinking about BiRite but it's closed which does me no good. I love the creme fraiche flavor but its seasonal (although to be honest I haven't tied it to any logical season.)

Have you tried Humphrey Slocombe? It's next on my list of ice cream obsessions.

OMG! It looks like a book! How freaking exciting. Congrats on this latest step in the process.

BiRite Ice Cream is totally worth the trek, but maybe not with tummy issues.

My observations...

The migraine--suckage!

The book: EXCITING! Not having to print it yourself--it's real!

Playclothes--of course!

Cats: if someone's belly smells like talcum powder, it's because he was lying on the soap.

So sorry about your migraines...I get them too - since I was 16. And I'm 54 and I still change into my play clothes after school! (prof at a little college) It's good. Not as good is that I still want to eat stuff as soon as I get in the door. Old habits die hard.

I'm reading this on my Acer Aspire One. Brilliant thing. Hope you managed to get your ice cream.

This is so cool. I can hardly wait to get my copy of your new BOOK! I notice you teased us several posts ago about a screenplay then SAID NOTHING MORE! Well?

So exciting to see the book! I just got a Kindle (Looove it thanks to you - much of my decision based on your Kindle-love) but I'll be buying your book in paper-goodness to keep on my shelves.
Any my UPS person leaves packages in my recycling bin. Very discrete but means a double-check is necessary before the bin heads to the dump!

um.mmmm, I thought everyone changed into playclothes after work??! :) my dog has a soft sweet peanutty smell so I call him nutters! migranes SUCK and tummy issues are always connected, I hope you feel better soon honey and YAY on book and t-shirt - love it love it!

Haven't been here in soo long, but your CATS are so frakkin' CUTE!
Collette Cardi's gorgeous, too.

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