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Seriously. Love. This. Sweater. 

Photo 346

Meet Colette.  My new girlfriend.

Pattern: Joan McGowan Michael's Colette
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport, one and a half skeins, bought at Stitches
Needles: US6
Size: 44

 Photo 347

Fits like a dream.
Photo 384

When I was making it, I pictured it as a goin'-to-yoga wrap, you know, wearing it over a tank top and yoga pants. I thought I'd like it more like this, closed.

Photo 389

But I really dig the way it hangs open. A LOT.

Photo 349

I love this sweater. Easy, FAST, highly recommended. Plus, you know Joan, she makes this sweater in your size, guaranteed.

Photo 343



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The sweater looks great on you! Add the bangs and the glasses and you have that whole retro look that I love. Good job!

It looks awesome on you!


And the sweater isn't bad, either ;)

I LOVE it!! :) It looks great on you, and that's a great color. :D


Pant pant! That's some shexay edging! I adore the cutie 3/4 sleeves.

Oh what a lovely sweater! But it's the lady in the sweater that makes it so! I've been away from my computer a long while (again), so I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog. So sorry to hear of Lala's layoff. I'm praying and thinking good thoughts for her.
Lotsa love, Gaynelle

Back again...sorry for the interruption! Your book! You are holding it! Oh, oh, oh! Splendid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each day brings the final product closer, closer. I can hardly wait! Remember, I want ten of 'em, to start with!
Love again, still,


Gorgeous! So cute on you. I like the length of the sleeves, that looks great.

A skein & 1/2? That makes it even more awesome!

It's lovely.

Could you and Lala and kitty cat BE any cuter? And that last picture of you is adorable (and I mean "adorable" in French). Great sweater!

A skein & a half? Wow, awesome. It looks great on you. I hope you upgrade it from yoga sweater to all the time sweater. It's very classy looking!

Absolutley gorgeous as usual! Perfect yarn choice and color. I may have to give it a try myself.

Yer so pretty...

It's absolutely gorgeous, Rachael. I've had that one in my queue, but it definitely won't look as good on me as on you - it suits you perfectly.

It looks wonderful - I can't believe that's only a skein and a half for a whole cardigan - brilliant!!

Wow, that's a winner in every way!

That's a dead sexy stunner!

FAB sweater! Love the way it hanges, looks as good from the back as the front and very fun edging. Gold Star effort for certain!
P.S. and you look great in it.

Gorgeous! And wow, you must knit fast - wasn't Stitches a month ago?

This is so beautiful.

That is a fantastic sweater! What is the colorway?

That's a great sweater! Would be great for work (in an office over black) -- great!!

Absolutely fabulous!!!!!

I see the one on White Lies and I go "meh". I see it on you and I think "I have to have it!!!" Yours looks awesome!!! And you and Lala look so happy! A special bonus!

You and it look beautiful and you and Lala are I swear to god the cutest couple EVAR.


The sweater is gorgeous, and looks great on you!

Fantastic! I dub this the Touring Author Sweater.

Gorgeous sweater -- BFL sport? Is that, perhaps, a yarn of theirs not available on their website? I'd love to copycat your sweater in another colorway, and adore their yarn, but can find it not...

Whoops, please disregard my question, Rachel. I just emailed Blue Moon, which I should have done in the first place. Thanks, and thanks, as always, for amusing us with your updates. -- Yvonne

Could you and Lala and the D-man be any cuter??? And the sweater is almost as cute, jeje...

Lovely! It looks so much better on you than it does on the dress form in the pattern picture. And I agree, leaving it opened shows off that fabu lace edging.

That sweater looks fabulous on you! We'll be missing you at the LSG meet-up today, I'll think of you whilst I eat my chicken sammich at Bakesale Betty's today.

I love the sweater, but I think I might love the glasses more. What a cutie!

Beautiful! I just love it. Now, it goes into the queue!

Wow! It looks great!

Dear Lord...this sweater so rocks. I am off to bookmark in Rav.

Excellent! Thank you so much for forging the way for all of us Colette-wearing-wannabes! I'm pulling out the pattern and going through my stash tonight.
If only I can look THAT good in it too...

BEAUTIFUL! This one has been sitting at the top of my Rav queue for as long as I can remember, and I think you might've just motivated me to actually do somethig about it :-D

Looks fantastic open, or closed!

Love it! I'm going to have to add that to my queue...

Great sweater. Your photo shoot pics of the FO always bring a smile to my face. You give great face (and hands) to the camera. It makes it look like wearing the new sweater is such a happy experience (which I'm sure it is). Enjoy that lovely sweater. I hope you get wonderful compliments wherever you go.

That sweater is almost as cute as that look Lala is giving you. Nice work!

Pretty. Love that collar.

for some reason I think you look like a sexy librarian in this sweater, especially with the glasses and your hair up. It's a very good look. And forget wearing it to yoga--it looks like a hot date night sweater to me!

Beautiful! The sweater is very nice too. ;o)

I love the finger guns! (and the sweater!)

Dude. you are hot stuff. that sweater is so perfect!


Nice sweater too :) Seriously, you did a great job on it.


You make it look awesome!

Hells yes. Looks great, and a skein and a half? Sign me up.

i honestly cant decide what is cuter, the sweater or the photos!!!

That looks awesome! Love that sweater.

I love.

Gads it is positively the best! Cute! And because you used STR, you can wash it! Score and score.

You look VERY hot! And skinny! Have you been disappearing pounds? When will Donna Leone come out with the next Brunetti novel. All cosmic questions. Need a Digit pic for reassurance!

Yep, I'm with MX, I was sold on this sweater when I saw it here. Pretty sure I wouldn't have boughten it on white lies. I'm sure she appreciates.

Keep on keepin' on, Lisa

I agree, LOVE!

57 comments later...can't look at you in that sweater without saying - again - how darn cute you are...how darn cute you look in that darn cute sweater and how ding-dang cute you and Lala are. Darn. Cute.

Oh so cute! I am so jealous! That's it, this pattern is going on my Ravelry queue!

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