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Saturday Picture RoundupMarch 14, 2009

Photos, for I am too tired from a very long week for anything more (click for biggety-ness):


A ferry, hiding in the flowers. You know how they are.


A gorgeous day, seen from the cable car (two rides in two weeks!).






The central cable car hub, which is also the cable car museum. Free, AWESOME. It also figures into the screenplay that I just finished (no more than that to say, but crossed fingers!), so it was awesome to visit it. The noise of that place, the smell of the machinery.... Highly recommended.

Okay. I'm off to the couch to sit and stare blankly. I worked a lot this week, weird hours, and I rock-climbed twice and did yoga once, as well as finishing the screenplay and the final edits on Book 1. Wait a minute. Hey! No wonder I feel completely exhausted.

Knitting will be my balm. (I'm working on White Lies Colette, which I picked up at Stitches and am loving. Just enough easy lace for my brain to flirt with, but miles of stockinette, also. Can't you just picture it with jeans and a tank top? Or a dress?)


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Love the photos Rachel! And the cardigan looks totally awesome! Can't wait to see it on you. Photo please.

I'm lovin the tease of this mysterious screenplay, yea!

That pattern is absolutely stunning.

Screenplay? Screenplay??? Yowza!!

screenplay? screenplay?! SCREENPLAY?!!!! you tease!

Screenplay! Very cool. The cardigan will be perfect for those important meetings...

Looking forward to your progress with Colette... I've got that pattern and been thinking about it for a while. Maybe your version will be the final push to get to it!

If I am first to ask, and you have more than two tickets to the Academy Awards when you win for best screenplay, can I come celebrate with you??? Or will it be a random drawing? tee hee

AHHHHHHH....tulips growing in dirt, rather than little green buckets at Whole Foods???? Reno(gag) is still grey/brown, windy and cold. I am soooo comming to the Bay Area Friday. Tulips, Flax, Britex and Article Pract, look out mama is on her way!

Wow. Love the photos and the cardigan. Good luck with the screenplay...will you be wearing your own handknits to the premiere?

Love the cable car museum! It is an awesome place. I had no idea that's how those things work. Those cables are miles and miles long!

Can you tell it made an impression on me? I think my husband and son liked it too. Too bad we walked to Fisherman's wharf from the museum instead of getting back on the cable car. And then walked from Jack London Square (the ferry, you know) to BART. Kid was not so happy by then. Neither were my feet. But it was a great fun transportation day!

God, I miss the Bay Area...

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