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AnniversaryApril 1, 2009

1. Couldn't afford Vegas, so went to Bolinas and Pt. Reyes instead. WAY FEWER SLOT MACHINES. Dude. Who knew?

2. Pt. Reyes is closed on Tuesdays, we found. I am surprised the ocean dared  wave, but it did, and we explored Tomales Bay and found oysters, oh, such oysters. I'm a fool for oysters, but Lala is a recent convert, finding that fresh ones really are the way to go.

3. Dinner at the Olema Inn was everything everyone says it is, and more. And the oysters there? Oh, my. One had caviar on top. I think I liked it even more than the one with pink grapefruit (who THINKS of that?) but it was a close call. Oh, such a happy brain explosion of flavor.

4. Bolinas on a Tuesday is not closed, and it's nice that the bartender knows you from the Whoreshoes days. The hotel room is quiet despite the loud Irishman next door, and the sheets are soft.

5. I'm one of those drivers who toodles along, ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at everything, and for that reason, I pull over at every turn-out to let the locals blast past me. It does not cross my mind that it looks suspicious when I pull into a turn-out to let the cop pass me. Then, when he waits and pulls in behind me, I also don't think it looks suspicious that I take the immediate first right turn into what is basically a field (but I wasn't even really paying attention to him! The sign said Historic Life-Saving Cemetery. Wouldn't you turn in? What the hell could that be? We must find out!). It is when I pull over that we realize Lala's brake light might still be wonky, and oh, the reg just expired. However, the nice cop, Ranger Craig, liked Lala's "I adhere to my chihuahua's radical agenda" bumpersticker, and after running my license, registration, and gun info, he whipped out his iPhone, and he and Lala compared chihuahua cuteness. His, however, are five months old and still wearing e-collars from getting fixed, so he won. And we got away without a ticket (to DMV tomorrow! Haste!). (BTW, the Coast Guard cemetery was awesome and weird and great, up on the hill overlooking the green hills, cows, and water.)


6. The lighthouse was closed. Tuesday, dontchaknow. But the wind was asTONishing, and we saw tule elk, little elk that are just so cute you want to put them in your pocket.

I love this picture, from South Beach below the lighthouse:


7. Driving home, we got the best sandwiches at Cowgirl Creamery with homemade bread-and-butter pickles and triple-cream Swiss.

8. Once home, we made it up to the dogs by taking them to the beach. O joy. Forgive the metric crapload of pictures to follow, but we do love us our dogs.
Keeping watch.

I am very small. This is serious.

You think this is sandy?



Drying at home in the sun (that jasmine smells WONDERFUL).

Looks like one didn't make it.

Three years. No foolin'. xoxo


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Happy, happy anniversary!!! Here's wishing you many, many more!

Gun info? This one of these moments when the cultural differences between the US and Aus become really clear. :)

Happy Anniversary you cutesomenesses!! (yes, new word just for you two) Happy, joy!

Sounds like a lovely day--happy anniversary!

Ooh, happy anniversary! Ours is the 8th of April! You've got me homesick for NoCal; I love Bolinas so much! And that Cowgirl Creamery place...but who'd've thunk Pt. Reyes would close, ever? Hmmm...

Happy Anniversary! And whose bright idea was it to close Pt. Reyes on Tuesdays?? Must go to Cowgirl at Ferry and hope they have sandwiches there, too.

Ditto... (same message from me).


Sounds like you guys had a great time! Even better than Vegas, fer sure!

Three down and forever to go!

Three years!! Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lovely trip. What fun!

Happy Anniversary!!
lurve the doggie beach pictures! Yeah to chihuahua power! Your patio/deck is lovely and I am so jealous of your citrus tree.

It doesn't seem possible that it could be three years already - Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like it was a super time and you are right oysters with grapefruit - must remember to try that next time we have them ...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had tons more fun than Vegas ever is.

Happy anniversary! The dog pics are awesome. Looks like a great time was had by all! :)

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Only you two could turn getting pulled over into a fun visit sharing pictures of pooches. Thanks for the stories and the sweet doggy pics.

Happy 3 years! may it be 33 and more....yer dad

Happy Anniversary! But wasn't it just a few months ago that you were posting about your wedding?! Glad you had a good time and it looks like the dogs did too.

happy anniversary you two! i love reading your blog and the adventures with the chihuahua cop and pics of the sandy doggies are too funny. =)

Wow, was that really three years ago already? Geez. Nice going you two. (p.s. love your stackables)

Awww, happy anniversary girls! Seems like you had a beautiful, wonderful day - and even the cop was a sweetie! Here's to many more happy years for the two of you!

I know I have said this probably a million times, but seriously, you two are just the cutest damn couple...

Happy Anniversary! Many, many more!

Happy Anniversary!

Sue and I send our love and our happy anniversaries to you two from us two.

happy anniversary!


Happy anniversery, you pair.

Damn, your pictures actually make me miss California.

Happy anniversary!

I'm ready for another party. Come back up here, mmkay?

OMG, three years already! Where does the time go? Happy anniversary!

What a great celebration. Here's to many many more!!!

Congratulations! How absolutely wonderful! And to celebrate in such a gorgeous setting - oh, it made me homesick. I must head to San Diego to get me some ocean. Soon.

Sounds like what 'they' say about old married couples may have some truth to it. You and Lala are starting to look alike (except for your bangs anywho). Must be being in love. xoxoxo

Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!!!

Argh! UnBEARable cuteness! xoxo

That windy picture of you two is to DIE FOR!!! You are so adorable.

Congrats on the anniversary, too!!

"I IZ SANDMONSTUR!" made me laugh so hard I almost... well, you know!

And congratulations! Wow, three years. Time flies!

You two are so cute
Happy Anniversary
Peace, Love, Happiness

(a haiku for you!)

Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for sharing the happiness with us!

Thanks for sharing the happiness. We all get to bask a little in that glow. Oh yeah, and brush the sand off our feet too. Life is sweet.

Happy anniversary. :)

1. Happy Anniversary
2. OMGosh I love your dogs
3. The little one needs to come up and hang out with my Scrat Monster.
4. I better get my brake light fixed.

I'd rather be at the Olema Inn & Pt Reyes than anywhere in Vegas, anytime. Congratulations on the anniversary!
(it was Hank Shay of LLL who recommended the Olema Inn to me, incidently)

Happy anniversary! We want to do the Vegas thing next year for our 25th, man, I'm feeling old, but we are transplanted Memphis people and it only seems right to renew our vows before Elvis.

Late to the party...

Happy Anniversary, from Craig and me.

Happy Anniversary! We go to the Olema Inn on our anniversary, too. I heart it.

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