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Hot or Not? April 10, 2009

Oy. I feel psychically damaged from putting those photos up yesterday, and it's because you were all SO NICE. Seriously. I was exhausted last night, and then I realized it was mostly due to the pictures. People voting on my looks. It felt like a game of hot-or-not with myself. I was winning! But I was losing! Ack! This picture is good! No, THIS picture is good, not that one! Ack ack!

I am so bad at this.

There are now more than 600 votes a day after I put them up. (Hi, New Zealand! Hi, Iceland! Hi, Newfoundland! Hi Taiwan!) Number one was far and away the winner, and I thank you for voting. It was VERY exciting, and I'm done now, so I'll try to divert you a bit, okay?

Things I've been thinking about:

  • The bumpersticker I saw the other day. GODSNO1   Wehn I saw it, I thought, Well! She has a good, high opinion of herself, doesn't she? If she's God's number one, what does that make me? (Number 134,425,791 -- I asked.) Then I realized it could also be read God is no one. What? I passed her and looked in her window -she looked kinda churchy. Lala had to explain to me that there was a third option: God is number one. Duh. But boy, that was a versatile plate.
  • This just in yesterday: Stephenie Meyer is ruling the universe. USA Today reports "sales of her novels accounted for about 16 percent of all book sales tracked by the [USA Today bestseller] list in the first quarter of 2009." Think about that! Sixteen percent of ALL BOOK SALES. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I hope she's having a GREAT time. I love that.
  • And lastly, a quote I've fallen in love with:   Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem


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Could be "Go, dear son #1."
But I doubt it.

I went to see Gloria Steinem speak at the Institute of Aging and was grabbing a drink in the lobby when she RAN INTO ME (and graciously apologized while I drooled on her hand) and I didn't wash that cardigan for weeks and I still have the ticket from that event years ago and I think I love her but she's married to Christian Bale's father and I also love Christian Bale so it's kinda awkward to be in this position - I mean, how could I choose??

I know it says something about me that I read "god is no one" first. I'll blame it on Dad and the "nothing is better than Tide" campaign for now.

Perhaps we all needed to add that each photo of you looked nice but that the favorite was the first one! If I ever write a novel (and get published), I am doing an art photo where I am barely recognizable (I'm not photogenic, at all).

I just finished Eclipse about an hour ago. I'm debating whether or not to head straight into the fourth book. I have to admit that the gender dynamics are killing me a little bit. I take ISSUE with the gender dynamics and their implications. Have you read the books? Did Bella's constant self-deprecation, self-blame, and self-sacrifice--combined with her idolization of her inhumanly perfect boyfriend--bother you at all?

I read that bumper sticker initially as God Snot. Luckily, you explained it very clearly or I might have been confused all day.

So something interesting you should note about your photos (while you are feeling hot and not), you should note that we all voted for the one where we could see you the most! So apparently, more Rachel = good! :-)

All of your pictures are hot. 'Nough said!

I love that the obvious interpretation of the bumper sticker was lost on you. Think universal!


That is all.

I didn't think we were voting on your looks I thought we were voting on good picture composition. I'm glad #1 won - it really does look like an author's picture that you'd find in the back of a book - your book.

"Author's Picture" - that is so cool!!

I missed the vote, but I LOVE the fact that you're wearing that gorgeous Colette cardi in all the shot options. It suits you, darling!

On the itty bitty picture that will show up on the book jacket, No. 1 is the one where we'll say "oh, there's OUR Rachel."

I had to pick up a quick gift at Barnes and Noble (UGH!) and they had all these sections marked "suggested by Stefanie Meyer." Apparently, she has a lot of clout in selling books these days! I had a hard time getting 3/4 through Twilight before giving it up, so her opinion doesn't really impress me.

Love you smile in all the pictures! Some just have better lighting, or are closer in, so we can see your smile and bright eyes better.

That is one powerful quote.

My favorite bumper sticker of late is, "If that fetus turns out to be gay, will you still protect its rights?"

Or..Gods Snot.

I just stole that quote. It is perfect.

Back to the GODSNO1 - - this could be interpreted however you want to look at it... Two other options could be

God's no one. - Maybe they're Athiest?

Or God is number 1. Maybe they're Jewish?

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