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My Gentle AlpacaApril 19, 2009

Do you know Sarah Haskins? If you don't, you should. And now that she's done her thing with my favorite commercial, the ad for the Schick Quattro, I would like her to run for president. Or move into my house or something else fun like that.

Please, do yourself a favor and go watch her piece on Your Garden (and then get time-sucked as you have to watch everything else she's ever done). It's completely safe for work, although suggestive enough your boss might think otherwise, just so's you know.

Now, I'm going to turn on Freedom to get some dang work done. Fighting an alpaca of a migraine, but I will WIN!


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OMG, I'll never look at an alpaca the same way again.

And how sad is it that I saw the American version of that commercial on TV, and DIDN'T GET IT. I had to see the English version on YouTube before I got that bush=BUSH.

I love Sarah Haskins! The part where she walks by the bush and it sets itself afire cracks me up every time.

Oh dear gods, I love that woman. We watched that last night, and later on in bed I was trying to find a good time to refer to my Gentle Alpaca. But then I got distracted by something. . .

And in fact I have just spent the last hour watching Target Women. The jewelry one is my favorite.

I *knew* shouldn't have clicked on that link! I just spent the last 45 minutes watching her, and I had to force myself to stop.

Ooh, that is a good one. Jewelry face used to be my favorite Sarah Haskins reference, but I think gentle alpaca takes the cake. I can't even type it with a straight face!

Oh my god, is that Schick commercial real???

ROTFLMAO! Never seen Haskins before, but you can bet I'll be watching from now on! Time to take my alpaca for a walk....

I love Sarah. I think the yogurt one is my favorite, but everything else runs a close second!

She is awesome!

I wonder what it means if it is a wild alpaca?

I never thought of migraines as having soft, fuzzy, wonderful sides. I've always pictured them as more like porcupines or the alien earwigs from the original Alien (I think that's right).

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