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New Plate!April 24, 2009

Yarnago, Yarnagone. Get it? I love. Yay!


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That rocks! I love personalized plates.

Love It!!!

Soooo cute! Nice work :-)


We need more silly on the road. Thank you for doing your part.

fully awesome!

Oh that is just too cool. I mean, not too cool for you, for you it's the exact perfect degree of cool.


Love it! What was your official explanation as to its meaning? I'd love to see the look on the DMV guy's face when you told him/her...

YOU are the perfect degree of cool.

I used to have GAY666. I inherited those from my late partner. But they went when I sold the car. as I don't have a car now I don't need plates, personalised or otherwise.

Sorry... I meant to add that yours is just great!

Very cool.

Those are great plates!

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