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This and ThatApril 6, 2009

Photo 401 

Documentation of nose-kiss

I have various small things on my mind, so I will list them here. It's easier than trying to string them together into something cohesive....

1. I had the most wonderful afternoon yesterday. I sat in Janine's living room, and ate delicious snacks and drank sparkling juice, and talked with Maia and Brooke, Nancy, Becca, Celia, Joy, and Therese (am I forgetting someone? I probably am..... Apologies in advance).

I would never have imagined, when all this knit-blogging stuff started seven or so years ago, that I would end up surrounded by such amazing women. I felt blessed and lucky to count them as friends. It was one of those afternoons during which the hours flew away on the wings of laughter. Annoyingly poetic, right? But it was honestly that lovely. I can't remember an afternoon with friends ever being so completely enjoyable and renewing.

2. Facebook. I'm really the last one to the party, and I never thought I'd like it, but I do. I love the Scrabble. I like being able to comment on my friend's doings without direct messaging them in Twitter (although I've set up my Twitter to post to Facebook, so I don't have to think about two different places). Friend me over there! (Rachael Herron - the only place I really go by my name instead of Yarnagogo.)

Also, I might be the only person in the world (no, wait, La's with me on this one) that likes the new Facebook. I find it way more intuitive. Thought the interface was kinda crappy before this one. I bet interface isn't how the computer people put it, but you know what I mean.

3. Yoga gets harder the more you do it. I both love and hate that about it. I've been going every week -- the same studio, the same teacher. I even accept that I'm  doing the same moves. But I'd forgotten that when you start yoga, you feel great, and you're good at it. The more you do, the more you realize how to drop into the pose, move into the opening (THERE I GO BEING ALL NEW AGE AGAIN, GAH), and then it's HARD. It's seriously kicking my sorry ass, week after week. But I love it. And my skinny jeans, the ones I hadn't worn in a year because of the dreaded muffin-top (oh, how I hate that very accurate turn-of-phrase), are a little baggy today. While not trapped by need to lose weight, I love the feeling of loose jeans. You know? (Lala says mournfully, "You're letting yourself go..." Heh.)

4. For the Digit fans in the house, he just kissed my eyelashes. It was very nice. It was better than punching me in the chest, which he was doing just a few minutes ago, trying to fit himself on my while I type.

A flashback photo, our man at his best:


I just found this photo and scanned it in the other day. I love it. That's our boy. He would like you to believe he's doing that at this moment, but don't believe the lie. He's trying to suck on my tee-shirt and purring as loud as a wooden roller-coaster.


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I just looked for you on FaceBook (having taken your invitation literally) and found that there are in excess of 40 people sharing your name...

"purring as loud as a wooden roller-coaster"

I love that! Great description!

such envy at your lovely afternoon!

I don't know why it is, but my cat also seems to think there must be a way to sit on my lap when the laptop is there. I'm thinking about getting one of those breakfast-in-bed trays so I can put the laptop on top of the cat without squishing her.

I didn't even really notice the new facebook (though I've friended you, now). Now that people are pointing it out, it does seem much easier to use. About time.

Goodness! What IS he doing in that picture? And please tell Digit he has very impressive fangs.

Oh, girl, you and Lala and Digit, yer melting me here with teh cutenesses...

and yeah, who knew all those years ago how wonderful the community would be? (waving to Bethany, too, who was in on it at the beginning)
hugs, yo

When I read in the news that the 911 dispatcher in Binghampton had not informed law enforcement that weapons were involved, one of my first thoughts was "I bet Rachael had a few things to say about that!" Well, after the how awful thoughts.

I swear every time you post about Digit, I tear up a little. I'm still so happy about your long-lost-then-found cat, even though we're basically strangers. I'm a sap about an animal story with a happy ending.

I thought I would mentions that you just look happy lately--happy and fulfilled and content. It shows.

I like the new Facebook. I liked the old one. I'm sort of oblivious to most things these days. Well, except for the fact that my daughter just informed me that you're allowed to go to the beach naked in France. I have no idea where she got this information or why she thinks I need it.

Thanks for that. I worry about Digit when you don't mention him for awhile. Ilove your dogs, but I'm all about the kittehs. Can I show the nose kiss to my Roxie? She does NOT do that TYVM!!

so nice to hear the digit news. we are having to steel ourselves against the certainty of one of our cats moving on. its been really hard to see him deteriorate. he's old (never really been sure *how* old - he's a rescue) and he's gone from being this big ole hefty cat to a shadow of his former self. he's still happy and purring all the time so we'll take what we can get.

I'm so glad that Digit found his way back to you. It just makes my heart big.

That was a lovely afternoon! And, tis true, you are glowing these days. Cheers to you, your happy family, and a good life.

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