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WalkApril 14, 2009

The Easter fambly walk:


Look at those poppies!


This is up in Leona Canyon, only a mile or so from our house. It's hard to find, but the BEST dog-walking route when you get there. It's unbelievable that urban butts up against rural like this.


Anyone know what these flowers are? They are CRAZY awesome.

Click to see those wild petals better.

Lala and Harriet!


That is all. xo


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I think that your lovely flowers may be gazanias. What a beautiful spot!

You have real spring! Awesome.

The flowers look like Gazanias....we can get them at the garden centers in NJ in the summer...they like bright sun...I think they originated in hot dry areas. They come in some beautiful color combinations. Google them for some photos.

i think its a gazania? We just came back from a trip to southern CA in the Airstream and came across massive fields of poppies. Oh how I'd rather be there right now!

Beautiful walk! The flowers are called African Daisies (Dimorphotheca aurantiaca).

What a great place to walk the dogs! Isn't Spring just great - I always greet Spring here in Sweden with great joy after our long dark winters!

*sigh* How I miss the poppies! The urban/rural proximity was one of my favorite things about the Bay Area.

Definitely Gazanias, native to South Africa

Looks like gazania to me.

I'm pretty sure those flowers are called "thingies". No, rilly. I wouldn't lie to you.

Unless it was convenient to do so.

Yup, what they said. Gazanias.

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