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B2BMay 18, 2009


If you follow my Twitter feed, you already know that sister Christy and I ran the Bay to Breakers (7.5 mi) yesterday. It was our second time doing it, and while it was fun, IT WAS TOO HOT. We were crushed by the heat, actually. We ran about 3.5 miles and walked/ran the rest of it (more walking than running). Everyone else was doing the same thing, too. Man, the reason you run in San Francisco is to run in cold fog, not to slog along in heat.

The best part were the photo spot areas: one we did like normal, running happily, smiling big. Then we decided, what the hell? We HAVE those kinds of photos. So for the next two photo spots, we Chariots of Fired it, putting our bodies into slow-motion, arms pumping, faces grimacing. Then at the finish we finally got the lead out and really raced each other the last 500 feet or so (the announcer yelled our names! I've always wanted that!). It felt like I was six again, dodging around people and things, with one goal in mind, TO CATCH CHRISTY (she's always had longer legs). We crashed into each other on the finish line and howled with laughter as we tried to catch our breath (the air at the ocean was blessedly cooler, too, which helped). That was the best part.

Neither of us were even inspired enough to go pick up our race shirts -- we just walked down to Muni and got on the train which was packed and rather agonizing, in many ways. Here we are, the two smilers:


Now, for your Monday pick-me-up, you should go check out  a knitted English village. It's amazing.


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Woo hoo! Did you see that before I twittered it? Am I actually on the cutting edge of the knitterwebs? Probably I was number 3 or 4, but I still feel proud.

Oh, so sad that they have to split the village up, wouldn't it be great if someone bought the whole thing and displayed it somewhere?? that is amazing. :)
ps-yay you!

You know, normally I'd say stay well away from the Daily Mail. But that is quite cool.

Sounds like you managed to have some fun on your run!

Damn, I walked in San Francisco for two minutes that day and found it too hot for that. Now I feel like a big baby.

Congrats on the run, and thanks for sharing the link on the knitted village - that's incredible!

OMG, I'm with you on the heat. I actually signed up and did B2B also, and I was DYING. :P

I do follow you on Twitter and was wondering how far you were running. I've heard B2B is a fun race and it does sound like you had a lot of fun!

Hah, hah, the Muni picture is great! 2 smilin' sisters in a sea of people who look kind of blah.

have you seen the australian room?


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