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Hit and RunMay 12, 2009

Hullo, kids.

Just a drive-by post -- I've been busy with editing Book Two along with working approximately eleventy-million hours at the J.O.B. I'm trying to get the book into good enough shape to send to my Amazing Agent, Susanna Einstein, by the beginning of June. I'm doing the hard-copy edits now, and then I'll input them into the computer next week (that takes SO long, and it's the most tedious part of writing, I think).

The best part is now. The book is written, and I'm playing around inside it, tinkering, moving things, seeing if they fit better over here or over there.

My favorite part of moving is after the furniture has been dumped inside the house. All the corners are clean, and you can put the couch here and see what you think about it. You can hang a picture there and then move it three times until you love it.

That's the stage I'm in right now. It won't last long, so I'm enjoying every minute of it. There will be many such minutes today -- I'm an editing fool today.

At least I have help.


Off to the coffee shop now. Not even bringing the computer. I will get SO much done this way.


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I'm partial to the color you are wearing, but I think you should throw away all of your non-teal clothes and wear only that! It looks fabulous. Good luck with the editing.

Awww. Fingers can help, right? How's his typing speed?

Editing is the best part... you are polishing your work... seaming together your sweater if you will. Oh, yeah, that part does suck. Missed your posts, glad to see you are alive and well. I know this 1st Mother's day without your Mom has been hard.

It does sound rewarding...it's a lot of hard work, though, isn't it?

Congrats on reaching this phase. I am green with envy, but also sunny with joy at your success!

It's just wrong that you're this far along with Book Two and we haven't even gotten to read Book One yet!

Wrong. Just wrong.

I, too, love the tinkering. That's one nice thing about poetry. It doesn't take as long, compared to fiction, to get all of the furniture in the room, so you can get straight to the arranging.

That Digit is so sweet. He doesn't even look like he wants to kill you for taking his picture!

Too bad you can't pay a journalism student to input your edits for you.

I love that picture of Digit - it reminds me so much of my Rocky who loved to perch on my chest in that same way. She'll have been gone one year on July 12. You can see her here (I hope posting a link doesn't screw up your typepad)

This post has some of the most lovely phrases in it "book two", "amazing agent". Every time I read them I'm so HAPPY for you.

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