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Maker Faire Today! May 30, 2009

Oh, we are so excited! It is a HUGE fair that is full of robots and flying objects and computers and knitting and all good things.

It's the kind of fair I'm going to get dressed up for. Have to do a little bit of work this morning while Lala sleeps a bit longer, and then WE'RE GOING. It's to celebrate Lala's birthday weekend! Here we go!

Also in good news: the goats are back! The city of Oakland hires them from a company in the valley to come out every summer and eat all the weedy fire hazards off the hills. Baby goats! Leaping off logs and jumping and gamboling. They're very close by and soon I'll be able to see them from my office. I drove past them the other day and pulled over because THEY ARE SO COOL.

This is just shot from my car. I could practically reach out and touch them.


And then their protector encouraged me NOT to touch them.


Fun day commences. Thank god. It was a REALLY long week. (Yesterday I was so tired that for about thirty seconds I thought properal was a word (and that I'd forgotten how to spell it). Sigh.)


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Tell Lala that I think a pistachio kitchen would really rock.

ANd I am really envious of you going to the Maker Faire.

Woot! Maker Faire, employed goats and a birthday weekend! Happy b-day Lala!

Hey, it's my birthday weekend, too! Happy Birthday to Lala, and have fun at the Maker Faire!

We're at the Maker Faire too! Didn't see you though. Happy birthday to Lala!

Have a wonderful birthday week-end, both of you! xx xx

OH MY GOOHHHD CUTEST THING EVAR. I cannot handle this my brain is explooooooooding....*pow*

Happy Birthday to Lala!! I hope you enjoyed Maker Faire, and that you will have a photo-heavy report for us! I didn't make it, as I just could not get the energy up for such a big crowd of people, but I would have loved to go if I had been in the right frame of mind. Next year, I hope!

The goats are absolutely adorable, but the Great Pyreness steals my heart. I have my own G.P. guardian, Annette (Funicello). She thinks our family is her "flock"!

The goats are back! I love seeing them from the freeway! (even better when driving more slowly, of course)

Hey, I know these women!!


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