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UpdatesMay 21, 2009

Radishes! We has them!


And they are BIG suckers. I've never known suicidal radishes -- they've been hurling themselves out of the ground at a rate that I can barely keep up with. (Sad: I think I plucked a beet on accident yesterday, thinking it was a radish. Do their leaves look similar? No, wait, they don't, now that I think of what beet greens look like. Huh. In any case, I shoved it back in the ground, hoping for the best. I WANT A BEET.) (Also: see that funny purple one? It tastes like a radish all right, but looks funny.)

And Lala is mad busy in the garden, mulching. She is a mulching fool.


See? Free mulch, under the freeway in Oakland. We have a system, rake it into the tubs and then dump it into contractor bags. Works great and she has almost all of the backyard done! Foxtails, begone.

And just for fun, an Extremely Rare Sighting of Adah off the top of the fridge. She loves the Love Blanket, too (although that was the first time I'd allowed her on it -- she matches so well, how could I deny her?).


Editing: Continues apace. I'm an editing fool. GOOD GOD I LOVE EDITING. (Really.)


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I don't really like radishes and I want one of those!

I would love the Love Blanket too, if I were Adah. Do you think you love editing so much because it means the writing is mostly done?

A word I can think of no reason to know other than it is bizarre... and related to the post by way of radishes: Rhaphanidosis -- an ancient Greek punishment for adultery that is comprised of sodomy by radish. Just thought as a word person you'd appreciate it. I've never found occasion to use the word, but keep it in reserve just in case.

Rhaphanidosis! I wouldn't grow radishes for that. I did plant kohlrabi- I have never had it and a friend says they are milder than radishes and super yum...

It's about time Adah got some press!

I have to keep resisting the urge to plant radishes. They are so pretty, but we don't eat them!

I worked in the vegetable garden all day today. In addition to carrots and lettuce, I harvested 3 beets. Woo hoo! Don't give up hope! It's your turn to get beets.

gorgeous raddishes! how did you get them so soon? So jealous! enjoy!

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