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BathtimeJune 29, 2009

This is exactly what it's like when I take a bath. Top hats and all.
Melody Gardot, Baby I'm a Fool

Also, her story is fascinating.


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Wow, Rachael. Thanks for sharing; she's magnificent. And now I want to go have a bath... though I doubt mine will be as stylish as hers.

Alas, that many men wouldn't fit in my bathroom...

Is it just me, or does her voice remind you of Peggy Lee?

Oh yes, wouldn't that be nice? And the legs already shaved. Unfortunately, for me, baths are being taken because a shower isn't enough to soak/soften a layer of crud. Baths are a serious thing in my house! :-)

She's phenomenal. We saw her in Paris last month, and within five minutes of her appearance on stage she had the entire audience in the palm of her hand. We've already booked our tickets for her next show in November, she's that good. What a voice, what a show, what a presence. She's kind of like Peggy Lee, or Julie London, or like Eva Cassidy without the shyness. I love her, can you tell?

that was wonderful! thanks for sharing it with us.

Just bought the MP3 download/album on amazon.com. I love finding a new artist to adore!

Wow. You must have a big bathroom!

awesome voice. Just the best!

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