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Cascade Trail June 27, 2009


I love this shot (click for big), even though Clara's eyes are glowing weirdly. It's a new trail I found this week with her while exploring the Chabot Regional Park. This was a gorgeous one: In the picture above, the hills lift high overhead, covered with oak and redwood and eucalyptus, and to the left, a cliff plunges far, far, down. If Clara turned there and looked over the cliff, she'd see treetops below. The Cascade trail clings to the middle of the hillside like this, and goes for about two miles before joining the bigger trails.

I have this new romantic idea of myself. In the vision, I write all morning, and then go tromp around the hills, just me and my trusty dog. We sit in a shaded glen, and I chew on a crusty baguette and cheese, drinking sparking water from my hip flask. Perhaps we take a short nap. Then my collie and I trek back through the hills to get me to my desk in time for a little more work before dinner with Lala.

But in reality, I don't want to carry a backpack, and I don't want to nap on the ground. Ticks worry me and there's poison oak everywhere. And usually there are other things on a day off that occupy me, things like laundry and shopping for cat food and mowing the lawn. But I like to dream about my romantic writer's day, even if I don't get it very often.


And there was me imagining a hiking trail covered in Cascade 220!

As far as carrying stuff, just make Clara earn her keep. I know I would make my cat carry the water.

It sounded so good until you mentioned the ticks and poison oak.


This is a beautiful and dangerous place. Tromp through the hills with your trusty dog, your Mace and Glock, then you can relax and enjoy its beauty.

yer Dad.

That's a very nice idea, but ticks and poison oak would certainly ruin it....

It's a dream, right? So you should include in your dream a guy. A BIG guy. It's ok if he's also fabulously good looking. He HAS TO BE fabulously strong. He carries your little camp bed and of course your wine and cheese. And, Dad, don't worry -- he has extensive Delta Force training.

And a Glock.

Ah, but your romantic writer's dream day sounds like a great scene from a book... :^)

I think just visiting when the fancy stikes you will be enough. Keep it magical!

I have these same dreams with my puppy - just tramping about nature with a nice picnic lunch.

Then I get ambushed by mosquitos, the 4-month-old puppy leaps all over me and the world, he tries to eat my lunch, and don't get me started on the marsh-like ground since it has not stopped raining in days (weeks?). Apparently, summer in Boston is like winter in Davis.

To be able to hike without nagging worries would be romantic enough for me!

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