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Goal: Blog in 7 minutesJune 14, 2009

I  have hair dye on my head, and I'm seven minutes from being done. I will type fast and hard to say hello to you.

Those of you who follow me in either Twitter or Facebook know that I had a craptastic couple of days.

It all started with a fierce belly-ache that, as the hours went on, turned to something sicker. I was completely miserable, and didn't go to work. I stayed in bed, in pain, trying not to think about the fact that it was the first deathiversary of my little mama. At about ten o'clock in the morning, Lala came in the bedroom to ask where I'd parked, because she couldn't find my car.

Yep. The car was stolen. And it had been there when our neighbor went to work, so rather than thinking to myself OH GOD if only I hadn't been sick I would still have my car, I choose to think that by staying in bed I possibly missed running into the auto burglars deep in the throes of stealing my sexy, sexy station-wagon. (Who steals a station wagon? Dude! They also messed with neighbor Sam's classic truck, but he had the battery disconnected. The thieves were obviously not from my neighborhood. Nobody fucks with Sam.)

Good news: I have comprehensive insurance which also covered a rental car. In my weakened still-in-pain state I went to Hertz because the branch I needed to go to wasn't open the next day. Bad news: It took two hours. With a bad belly. Oh, sadness.

Worse news: Finally driving the Hyundai, I discovered that it was infested with ants.

And the next day after another hour line to exchange it, I left my house key on the ring when I turned it in, so after finally getting home with a nice little Mazda, I had to turn around and go back to the airport and start the workers searching the lot for the gold Hyundai (which we finally found, in the to-rent lot, ready to be rented out again, STILL FULL OF ANTS). But I got my key back.

After all that, there was only one direction to go, and Lala and I headed in that direction:


Loards, Alameda, fudge-ana sundae.

That, and an amazing RWA meeting where some friends and I steered my course for the next edit of Book Two, fixed everything, and today I feel just fine. With soon-to-be red hair.  Yee-haw! (Got the blog done in time! Will check later for spelling errors!)


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Dude. Dude! Who steals cars? WTF.

I'm sorry about your tummy and your car. I did see on Twitter that you were getting a rental car, but didn't know the specifics behind it all. I hope you are feeling better now and glad you weren't involved during the auto theft.

Yeah, but you got a Loards sundae. The one out here changed to Hawaiian-themed smoothies. First place I've been able to order a Dusty Road since Farell's closed. Yum.

I saw your tweets about the car, and wondered how you were feeling. And ants in a rental car? There's one more thing to check for in the future.

I hope things get better. Really, a person should not be dealt so many bad things all at once. That's just not fair.

On ants? After the cockroaches in the car I rented in Hawai'i (back when I lived on the Big Island) it's all a matter of perspective. I'd have been overjoyed with ants :).

OMG Well I hope things turn aroudn for you! That totally sucks about your car!!!!!!!!!!

Personally, that kind of few days would have given reason for a double fudge anna at Loards. WTH, and do you know what the bad belly was about? No more gall bladder issues? Sorry............

I've never commented on your blog before, but maybe this will cheer you up? A couple of years ago, I was going to college in San Diego and my Honda Civic was stolen. My car had a lo jack on it, but it was over the border by the time I reported it stolen. Apparently my car was filled up with cocaine and went all the way down to Columbia. But then it was returned and abandoned in San Diego again! So I still drive that car. Your car might come back?

we are feeling guilty about laughing down here. So sorry - as Sandra just said, "When your number's up, your number's up." Hope tomorrow is a better day.

That sounds like a crappy couple of days... i drive a station wagon too... a beige station wagon... always figured it was theft proof because who wants to steal a beige station wagon?

Dear Lord, bed bugs are making a comeback in hotels and now everyone should check for ants in rental cars.

I hope things continue to be better today!

Psst, I'll help you with your vicarage terminology if you want. Church terms are altar, pew, eucharist/communion, liturgy (prayer book), hymnal...that's all I can think of off of the top of my head. If you want some more help, you can email me and I'll be glad to help you out.

You poor thing! Hope you're feeling better, at least! And, seriously, who *does* still a station wagon?

This is nowhere on par with a belly ache and a stolen car BUT yesterday someone knocked on the door just to make sure that it was free stuff at my curb. There was a buffet there and he was in the driveway for awhile. I kept thinking that I should go out and give him a hand but decided he was on his own. The next morning I go out and my tarp is gone. I should have been out there and appropriated my Tarp (it was newish, value approx $15, thus I will capitalize it!). I told my neighbor who pronounced him a DINK! That cracked me up, I went around repeating that all day. What a dink. Goes for car stealers too. Dinks.

gah. people suck sometimes. so sorry this happened to you!

Man, what a painful story! Arrrgh! Glad you got ice cream afterwards!

Ugh, so sorry. And a station wagon? Dang, I thought my Lesbaru was safe from car stealers! Rats.

Glad this had a happy ending, but ants in a rental car? WTF? Yuck.

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