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Hearty Salad and Ill-Gotten GainsJune 24, 2009

I made the BEST salad last night for dinner, and I'm putting it down here so I don't forget how I made it.

Asparagus, chopped on the bias into inch-long pieces
Green beans

Boil the above the three minutes, then drain.

Then add:
Can of rinsed kidney beans
Two chopped avocados
Diced shallot
Chopped tomato
Diced kalamata olives
Good handful or two of pine nuts (toasted would have been nice, but the kitchen was too hot)

Glug on your favorite dressing (Green Goddess) and YUM. Served three people, and I have leftovers for today.


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can you use a google map satelite image to find the right trail?

That salad sounds delicious - I'll have to try it, maybe with some baby corn added. I wonder if the Serious Looking Women knew how to get to the lake.

I think what you got there is some vetch. It is purty...

You should try the map feature on bing.com - bird's eye view. It's really amazing and a little scary. I like that you can fly around a spot and look at it from different angles. I looked up Lake Chabot and, assuming I got the right one, could see the paths and all.

Good luck - sounds like a fun adventure.


The librarian in me had to go looking for an answer. There is a website for the park that includes a trail map and even an historical walking tour of the lake. There are a few trails, some of them skirt the lake and a couple of others don't quite go up to it.

Hee! I suspect that only a knitter would talk abut cutting asparagus on the bias. :)

I am notorious for picking flowers in public places.... and in the Royal Botanical Gardens.... not such a good idea

I didn't even notice cutting on the bias until Imbrium mentioned it!

My favorite bouquets are the ill-gotten flowers. But I'm trying to be good, and don't let my son pick plants from people's yards. Mostly because I don't like to be yelled at.

I think I have to try to find the lake from our side this weekend. Where are you starting from? (even if I don't find it, I can always lie!)

Nice article by the way. Good quotes!

Salad sounds awesome! Just...if you have a persistent, inexplicable bitterness in your mouth in the next few days, blame the pine nuts.


(Ask me how I know.)

You needn't fret, it is still taking plants from a park, which is badass, tho not arrest material.

Ah, yes, the most treasured finds are naughty--I remember loving to steal FBI pens. Somewhere I am probably on film, deep in dusty archives.

Did I ever tell you I stole Wavy Gravy's nose? red clown stickon, I would have it framed at home but somebody got it from me before I got it home. That was a good CalACT conference...

yer Dad

That salad sounds yummy! It's even better when you have great people to share it with! We have die-hard serious looking hikers here in Colorado. I love those septagenarians that are all business with their hats and trekking poles that just cruise past me on the trail. Kinda gives me hope in a way! But I wouldn't be too serious looking. I would comment on lovely looking flowers in people's hands!
P.S. I love your Facebook entries -they're fun!

Hey, as long as you are not picking them from private gardens I am A OK with public flower picking (of course unless prohibited for whatever reason.) Gorgeous bouquet!

I live on a street where many avid gardeners live. As a result? We have drive up flower stealers! They have no problem entering our yards and snipping to their hearts content. This summer we are taking down license plates! Really.

BTW that salad sounds divine! Must try.

Like Imbrium, I snorted out loud when I read "asparagus on the bias." Would make a good band name, though!

M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m. Delicious sounding salad. (drools)

Your nefarious flower picking reminded me of when I had a run-in with a Park Ranger at Glacier Nat. Park after picking some pretty buttercups. I worked there and hadn't thought anything of picking buttercups to pretty up my dorm/worker room. A Ranger saw me, stalked over and gave me such a lecture about it. She made me scatter the flowers on the ground and watched me walk away (to make sure I didn't double back and sneakily pick them up again I think). No more flower picking for me! :)

My mother did get busted for picking flowers in Pennsylvania; I think it was wild mustard...

Oh, I missed your weed question last time! That is vetch, although I have trouble telling which kind from the pictures. Vetch looks just like sweet peas, but it has no scent. Many people plant it in their gardens over winter, as a nitrogen-fixing crop.


Perhaps you didn't realize that I am the Weed Queen, at least for the western states. It is true. I have a collection of ID books and everything.

Hee, yeah, "cutting asparagus on the bias" belongs in one of those "you know you are a knitter/sewer/crafter when" lists.

That salad sounds amazing. (I'm always looking at kidney beans and wondering what to do with them other than eating them out of hand.) By the way, I think you're talented and beautiful! Have a happy day!

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