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Nothing To See HereJune 16, 2009

My tummy hurts! Again! But it hurts less than it did earlier this week, and so far I haven't had any cars stolen today, so everything's looking up.(Nope, car not back yet. Dang it. Snazzy Mazda rental, though. Do I have to give it back?)

Nothing to see here, folks. Deep in a revision land right now. I like what I'm doing, and I feel like I have a handle on the beast, but I'm dealing with Conflict, which always winds me up into a tizzy so you should go see me over at PensFatales where I am much more interesting than I am here.


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I feel your pain. I have been having digestive issues that seem to be directly related to restaurant food. Did every eatery in the city get in a shipment of rancid oil in the past few months? And why isn't anyone else getting sick? Argh.

I had the most horrible stomach bug last week. Stomach hurt like the dickens for a couple of days. So if not being the only one helps, there you go!

UGH, Bad belly again? Damn. Car not back from its adventure? Double damn. I wish I could send you and Lala on a lovely vacation............I would even pet sit. Sorry life is full of thorns lately.

for some strange computer logic reason I can't post on the "OMG my car came back" thread - but I guess having a unique license plate pays off -

but toss the earplugs and lip balm please euwwww ......

and Watchtower and Binoculars -- can't even begin to imagine -- maybe you can work it into some new book though ;)

Are you having other symptoms with your tummy pain? the nurse and med student in me wants to diagnose you.

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