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PensFatalesJune 2, 2009

I have a new writing group!



(The cap gun that Sophie's holding is Lala's.)

I'm so damn excited about this group blog. I'll be writing there every two weeks (so you should throw it in your RSS reader), and the eight women writing with me are AWESOME.

These are the women to follow. I mean it. (That's why I'm hanging out with them.) They're pretty and smart and sexy and great writers and they have very good taste. (Unlike Pandora, which just started playing Zydeco. Now, Zydeco has its place, but its place is not in my room right now. Ack.)

And someday, I'm convinced, people will say, "Really? They write on the same blog? All of those famous New York Times bestsellers? Wow!"(No, really. I think that will happen.)

I didn't have a writing group for so long that I was parched, wanting that camaraderie. I guess it had been since grad school crit groups, ten years (gasp) ago. And the women over at the blog aren't critique partners, they're partners in crime. On Sunday, Sophie Littlefield had an informal get-together at her house, with the intention of working. And you know what? We actually worked. People were draped all over her house, in various states of set-up. From Martha on the couch with her headphones on, laptop keyboard afire, to me at the kitchen table with my whole set-up -- computer, keyboard, mouse, writing stand, binder, pen, post-its. Once an hour, we cracked up and talked and refilled our coffee cups, and the rest of the time we worked. I finished my second draft of book two there, and I was SO happy about it.

Come say hi and make us feel welcome. (Scroll down -- there should be two posts by me, but you should read all of the others, too.) We're still a little shy, so let's show them who the Knitters Are.  HERE WE ARE.


(Hello, graveyard. Nothin' better for photos, no?)

PS - Not related to anything else, but I just found out that How to Knit a Love Song WILL be available in Canada, around the same time as it is in the US, in March. Hooray!


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Very cool! It's now in my feed! I'm excited because now I'll be discovering the books of your fellow PensFatales!

You're pur-ty, too!!!! :)

A blog about writing that looks fun, thank you! Trudging through a short story right now and thinking vague thoughts about NaNoWrimo, this is just what I needed.

I subbed right up - how can all of you be writers and gorgeous at the same time? Yikes! Saw Janine at Ferals last night - we were thrilled to have her visit. There should be a couple of cute pix of her on my blog by late tonight or tomorrow. She's handling everything well, as you know she does, but it's tough.

Hello, did you know you and Lala are on Craft.com? You are trying out a loom!

I put the new blog on my bloglines, looks like very interesting reading!

I love this idea. What a fantastic way to create a writing community.

Yay! Fun. I love finding like minded people to play with and be inspired by.

Pandora goes off track sometimes. And stays there! It is the only thing I don't like about it.

The availability of your first book in Canada next March is great news! I should read PensFatales' blog very soon - at least a few entries.

Oh shit - that was a *cap* gun??


LOVE my pens-fatales-pals
(i just made that up...get it....like "pen pals" - oh i crack myself up sometimes)

I have to say first off that is one good looking group of authors - secondly - for your next book you need to do that pose with those clothes - everything the same that you have on the top of the blog - it is a seriously great picture of you - not that I have ever seen a bad picture of you but that is GREAT

I just wanted to let you know that I just saw you and Lala over on Craftzine. I'm pretty sure you need a loom now. Here's the link: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/06/more_views_from_maker_faire.html

what a fabulous idea

will your book be available in the UK Rachel? I recently discovered kniiting mysteries a la Maggie Sefton; how to knit a love song has a beautiful, lyrical sound. Would be a tad frustrating not to be availalble here. Mind you, we travel to the States every other year (next is 2011) or, my sister's pen friend of almost 50 years lives in Canada, so I should be able to get it one way or another.

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