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Random ThingsJune 11, 2009

Random Thing Number 1: GOAT SAYS HI. (Not my goat. A goat I met in my travels.)


R.T.N.2 - California high school elects gay male prom queen. I loved this story.

R.T.N.3 - And also, go see my friend Cari about a raffle that matters (and also has great prizes): GO HERE.


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raffle? did u say raffle? why must you tease my gambling addiction? but i couldn't get the link to work..

California is so progressive compared to Ohio, where not only would a gay man be prevented from running for Prom Queen, but you'll get suspended for dancing at another school's prom if you're Fundamentalist Baptist:

Teen Suspended for Going to Girlfriend's Prom

I Heart Goats, btw.

Great Goat! I love goats.. great story too

Hey R--Really enjoying the Pens Fatales blog--it's fun to hear the perspectives of so many talented women--and you fit in well among them. Thanks for sharing--and good luck with the editing!

I love seeing a surprise goat!!

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