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AccomplishmentJuly 28, 2009

A lovely paragraph from Annie, who takes care of her mother who has Alzheimer's:

Last night Mom and I were getting ready for bed. We were standing at the bathroom sink, and Mom was washing my hands. I've discovered that this is much easier than me trying to wash her hands. In the end, we both have clean hands, and I think Mom gets a sense of accomplishment out of it.

From her blog, Maple Corners.


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I have been reading Annie's blog since you recommended it and thought her mother washing her hands was so sweet...

Same here, I love her blog!

That is by far the sweetest thing I've read all day.

Rachael, this touched me deeply, my mom had another stroke and each day I go to the rehab facility hoping for change, hoping to see my mom again, last night I got a glimpse of her, I hope she is on her way back, it felt good to hear her say my name and try to answer my questions. It gives you pause in your day when you are caring for someone you love, the patience you develop will amaze you and the joy you will get from small little things, like hearing her voice can bring tears to your eyes. can you tell me which blog she writes?


I also have been following her. It's so sweet (some of it is more hard than sweet!) when the parent/child cycle comes around 180 degrees.

Reading this reminds me of how vulnerable we are to ourselves. Thank you.

Bittersweet and lovely...

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