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Back in the SaddleJuly 22, 2009

Hoo boy. Sleepy Rachael checking in. I've just spent eight hours, ass in chair, working. God bless Mac Freedom -- I'd log myself off the internet for an hour at a time, then when the time was up I'd check to make sure the internet was still there, send emails and tweets, and then I'd hop back on for another locked-out hour.

I got a hell of a lot done today, which is exactly what I needed.

Also, I worked listening to the sound of rain, as suggested by one of my PensFatales, Gigi Pandian. I like noise to cover up the sounds of the house, dogs walking, cats falling off stuff, cars going by, but I can never find exactly the right soundtrack, and personally, music can affect the mood of my writing.

But rain? Thunder? It was awesome. I just worked and worked, until the very last minute, ALMOST four o'clock, my preassigned quittin' time, when my eyes got heavy, and I dragged myself out of my tall chair and into my soft chair and then took a little nap.

It felt great.

Now, yoga tonight with sister Christy. Vacation is officially over tomorrow, so back to work I go, but that is good, too. Getting up at 3:30am? Not really looking forward to that. But I can do it!


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Bless your heart for getting up so early! Me, I'll stick to working mids. I'd much rather sleep from 1-2 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. and work all night (2250-0700), 'cause I can never make myself sleep early enough to succeed at dayshift (which starts here at 0650). When I was forced to that shift last winter (while in training with someone who only works days), I was continually sleep deprived... for like 3 months. Ugh. Still, all shifts need fire dispatchers, so thank goodness there are angels like you who do the dayshift thing. (Any surprise my kids call me a vampire??)

oh i LOVE the sound of rain and there's nothing quite as awesome as a good thunderstorm.

Rachael, you've been totally inspiring over the last few months writing-wise for me. I have also joined a writing group, and while they keep having the meetings on days I can't attend, I've been keeping up with the "homework" and have gotten all the way to organizing my scene ideas into chapters. And that's when inspiration hit me last night, and I changed the focus of the novel! Let's see how that works out. Seeing how far you've gotten with your book(s) has definitely helped me along. Thanks!

I wish I could use something like Freedom. I badly need a little enforced discipline. Only problem is, most of my work is done online. Even on Ravelry. Buggernuts.

What is happening with Lala's blog? It says 'hacked by fatal error'. Am I the only one to get that message when I try to open her blog? Greetings from wintry South Africa.

I actually checked out MacFreedom today. Thing is, like getting into the pool, I am totally afraid.

I need to write, too. But I just need to jump in.

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