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Bad DreamsJuly 1, 2009

Oh, MAN.

I woke up with all sorts of clever, interesting things to tell you, and since I emailed Revision Three of Book Two to my Fabulous Agent yesterday, I have free writing time in the morning before work (HELLO FOUR AM WHY AM I UP AGAIN?) for a few days, and you were gonna reap the benefit of that. Now, however, I'm sleepy and  I can't remember anything but a dream I had.

(Yes, the commonly accepted rule is that other people's dreams are boring. However, this is my blog, and I will do my best not to bore you, how's that? No promises, though.)

I was in a large train station. I found a stack of money (a lot of fifties and some ones- - WOOT) along with a bunch of checks. The checks were all made out for specific amounts, but the TO line of each was blank. 

For about as long as I would have been in real life, I was tempted to keep the money; that is to say, I was tempted for about forty-five seconds. And then I was just PISSED that in my dream I was going to be honest. (It was one of those annoying dreams where you know it's a dream but can't control it.)

It's one thing to know that in real life you would be honest. Sure. Whatever. Hopefully we all know that. But in a dream? You want to be wild! A rebel! A crook! I wanted to put the money in my pocket and head to Morocco, not trudge up to the ticket window to turn it all in. Sigh.

That, my friends, is too rigid. BO-ring. I shall work harder at being a daring criminal in my dreams.

(The next dream was about traveling with my sister Christy in Borneo, except I'd made the small mistake of bringing all three dogs and four cats. And they got out on a wild plain above the ocean. And I realized while trying to wrangle Harriet into a cat carrier that I'd forgotten to buy any souvenirs. That was not a good dream.)

PS - Almost forgot, Sile of KnitOneOne wanted me to mention for you locals a good spinning class coming up: HERE.


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I don't find other people's dreams boring - at least not the ones people bother telling me about. I love dream stories. And this one is ace.

The one about being on vacation and forgetting to buy souvenirs made me laugh. I have several dream themes that show up when I'm anxious or worried, and one is that I've gone on vacation to the beach, and it's the last day, and I realize that I've forgotten to actually *go* to the beach! Terrible.

I found your blog because I was searching for yarn shops in Italy, and I read about one of your trips and know how crazy you are about Italy...so I was wondering if you knew of any yarn shops in Italy. I'll be in Tuscany for an entire semester and obviously need something else to spend my money on besides wine. :) Thanks!

So many animals in your household! I haven't even adopted the dog I want yet and I'm overwhelmed. haha :)

P.S. What happened to the neighbor's cat? Are you taking it in?

When I find money in my dreams - it all turns to Monopoly money just as I'm getting super excited about my new windfall. By the way, are you going to Jacye's workshop? I am signed up and I would be extra excited if I got to meet you, too!

I just hate being honest in my dreams. ;-) In my latest weird dream, I was hanging out with Nick Simmons (Gene's son) and it was revealed his true identity is "God". Not quite sure what that means.

Your second dream sounds a lot like the dreams I have where I keep finding kittens I have to rescue, only I can't get to stay put anywhere and I know the bf is gonna be upset about all the kittens...

I'm glad you're as honest in your dream as in your life. I wish more folks were. One of my closest friends lost her wallet with half of her month's rent in it two days ago. Whoever found it clearly ain't giving it back.

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