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Book Two SweaterJuly 2, 2009


You like? It's new! It's a little pattern I whipped up (that took two tries -- the moss stitch would NOT behave).


Detail of the easy-peasey crocheted edge.


And dudes, it's probably closest to this color on my monitor. It's BRIGHT. But I love it.

It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, in Firefly, and it is SO SOFT. So, so, so soft. I'm thinking of adding little pearl buttons, but I'm not sure yet. I kind of love it like this.


Pattern? Well. Ahem. Darlings, it's not going to be out for quite a while. It'll be the pattern for book #2. But you can wait a bit, right?

I love it. My new summer in San Francisco sweater.


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I'm halfway through my second attempt at a summer sweater in the exact same yarn AND in the exact same color! Seeing your pattern and photo inspires me to pick the project back up. I lost the first attempt on an airplane -- horror of horrors and have been hand sewing instead ever since that heartbreaking event. Maybe our paths will cross in Oakland someday in our firefly sweaters!

I heart this sweater, but I strongly advise you NOT to offer the pattern separately, at least not until after the book itself is on sale in physical copies (not pre-sale). A big selling point on the books for me is the included pattern, though I'd buy them anyways. Just sayin.

That is super cute - when you get to test-knit stage sign me up!

love it! The border looks terrific, and the shape is perfect.

oooh, it's GORGEOUS!

I like your sweater so well it may tempt me to finally learn how to crochet. In my days as a redhead I could have worn that color. Now that I'm mostly grey white, I need to choose cooler colors.

What a lovely sweater! Well done, you.

Stunning! I vote no buttons. It's perfect as it is.

It's lovely! That edging detail, mmm.

LOVE the color on you and the fit is perfect...how long do I have to wait for book 2? And when is book one going to be in the stores?
Gotta know these things to pencil them in the date book as reminders...:)

You look fabulous! So does the sweater!

That is a FANTASTIC sweater! Very flattering

Oh please, tell me how you manage to be a homeowner, hold down a job with crazy hours, write novels AND knitting patterns?! I think I've knit a total of 3 whole hours in the 6 months since we bought this house and I feel like I can't get a thing done. Maybe your 3rd book could be a self-help book with all of your super-human secrets? Gah.

Very pretty sweater and the color suits you. It's nice to see the crochet borders making a comeback - they give a garment such a lovely finished look.

Beautiful! I vote for tiny, yellowish pearl buttons. =)

I am aaaaall about the summer sweater. And this one is so, SO lovely! I can wait. I guess I have a few things I can knit in the mean time.

Wow! Another very cute pattern.

You are just a power-house, Girl!

You and the sweater look fantastic!!!

Oh, I just LOVE this sweater. I rarely see any I like but this one looks irresistible! Can I get in the line for test knitting? I'm good at test knitting, I swear!

That is Bee-yoo-tiful!

The sweater is darling. I will add it to my "possibilities" list. I have NO PROBLEM waiting, the list is long and the stash is wide.

I love this pattern - the raglan style, the waist shaping and the cute crochet edging. You're doing an awesome job creating buzz for this book!

You are a GENIUS! I have been sadly disappointed and uninspired by every sweater I have seen for months now and then I saw....exactly what is the perfect sweater. Oh the nail biting while waiting for the pattern....be merciful!

Very nice sweater! Do you offer it in multiple sizes?

I love the sweater and don't want to wait. But for you, I will! Mwah! The sweater looks great and I definitely want the pattern. And I will be happy to purchase your books to get it!

You show that moss stitch who is boss!

So cute *without* buttons!

Love it! It's adorable and can't wait for the pattern to come out :)

you are soooo talented woman!! i love this sweater and it looks absolutely perfect on you!

oooh. This is going to be part of the storyline isn't it? But the color. Love it. I may have to buy it now. I would hate not to find it later. Happy 4th!

The sweater is darling. I'm adding it to my list of possiblilities. I especially like the little flip collar.
I don't mind waiting, the list is long and the stash is wide.

So pretty and versatile. (And the sweater's not bad, either!) If you need a test knit that would fit a short, round woman, lemme know.


I just finished a Pioneer (from a recent Knitty) out of the Shepherd Sport, and it *is* a fantastic yarn.

Yes, when is your book(s)coming out? I want to buy it (and the sweater patterns).

I love it! And I think some little pearl buttons would be lovely - you wouldn't have to button them if you wanted to wear the sweater open like that, but they'd add a nice little finishing touch.

Can't believe I'm going to have to wait until book 2 for the pattern, and book 1 isn't even out yet!

Freaking adorable!

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