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Just The BeginningJuly 11, 2009

Isn't that true of many things? But in this case, it's the start of my vacation. HOORAY!

And already good things have happened today. I wound 1675 yards of Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm Silk/Merino into three big hanks, and I've cast on for Cold Mountain:


Isn't that sheen delicious?

Now, you know how I feel about lace (fiddy! Droppy! Non-intuitive, not like cables or colorwork!), but this looks like just the kind of lace I like: regular, predictable, lovely. I'm hoping it will be a good travel project as I get ready to head to DC for the Romance Writers of America national convention. Have I perhaps mentioned HOW EXCITED I am to get to go to this?

Last year, I went on a lark. I hardly knew what RWA was or how huge and impressive it is, and I didn't belong to a local chapter. I'd never been to a meeting. Then I went, and my mind was blown. I learned SO much, and I met women that I wanted to be someday. I didn't have an agent then, and I certainly didn't have a contract. I felt like a sponge, absorbing up knowledge and excitement and hope. (I still feel like that, actually.)

This year, I'm having lunch with my editor. My agent and I are going to the Avon cocktail party and then out to dinner. And I'm going to be spending time with an incredible group of women writers whom I know now through my local chapter, women I'm proud to call my friends.

What a difference a year makes.

I leave Tuesday for DC. (And my DC-area darlings, every day is BOOKED. I want to see my girls, to see YOU, but this isn't the trip for it. Next time? xoxo)

And today: I get to go watch the Girl's Rock Camp showcase, and then we're going to a party way out in the back of beyond with friends I went to college with a million years ago. And I made the BEST potato salad, based on this recipe: Salt and Vinegar Potato Salad. (I used less oil, but followed the recipe for the most part.) Highly recommended. Lala and I both just ate it for breakfast and it was wonderful.


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I'm knitting Cold Mountain too! But not liking the yarn. Yours looks delish. Maybe I will start over with something pretty. Have a good trip!

Yay, vacation! And the best KIND of vacation - the kind you can deduct from your taxes as a business expense!

Have a wonderful, fantastic, totally enjoyable time in DC! I'll be thinking of you, and wishing I was there.

Yes, that IS a nice sheen!

We just made our first trip to DC in early June, and we had the best time! I hope you have a great time!

I loved reading about your treasure hunt and all the steps you went through... you have some seriously fun and awesome friends! Happy Birthday!

I knew every day was going to be booked, so I didn't even ask. However, the next time you are in the area, save some time to visit the Loudoun County vineyards. The wine is pretty darn good!

Have a great trip! I'm sad you won't have any time to hang out while you're here, but I hope you have a wonderful time at the convention and maybe you'll save a few minutes for me next time you're in town?

Oh, that skein IS delicious! Came across your blog through someone else's and have really enjoyed snooping around. Lots of fun and beautiful stuff.

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