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SurprisesJuly 14, 2009

When I write a post over at PensFatales, I write it, save it, and push out the publish date until it's my day -- we're on a strict schedule! I wouldn't want to screw that up!

But that means when I click sleepily through my Google Reader feeds, suddenly I'm looking at a picture of myself without seeing it coming.

Kinda feels like yesterday when I opened the window for Pandora, then clicked away to do something else while it loaded and then ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR when it started blasting. Took me that long to forget what I was doing.

But I'm not forgetting what I'm doing today, nope! Packing up to go to DC for RWA*. And the funny/weird thing is that Lala is going to Korea today, and we've got to be at SFO at about the same time, which is nice, because we can BART over there together. (Why is she going? To help my sister-in-law back to the US with our new nephew who was born over there! SO EXCITED to meet him!)

Before I close the computer and pack it in my suitcase (don't worry, I'm a carry-on only gal), I just want to give a big thanks to Dad, who got my birthday so right! I received a box from him in the mail, and you never know with my Dad. He could be a founding member of There, I Fixed It. But inside was the softest, nicest, most beautifully prepared llama fiber I've ever seen. I can't wait to spin it up. Nicely done, Dad. Thank you!

Okay! I'm off! Follow me on twitter (yarnagogo) to keep up with my week! xox

* Lala packs differently than I do. I think she may have trouble with the airport screeners.


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Why is Lala going to Korea? That's where I was born and lived until I was 4.

De-lurking to say "Happy Birthday! & hope you have a safe trip.

Yeah, the furbabies always want to go, too. ;) You two have great trips!

Miss Idaho may be little, but she probably contains more than 3 oz. of liquid, so yeah, that's not going to work. ;)

DC for RWA?? I live right across the street from the hotel where it is being held! Need any recommendations on good restaurants, etc. in the area? I love how authors are coming to my neighborhood!

Your dad rocks :) He did his homework!

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