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Because Lists Are NiceAugust 20, 2009

Aren't lists nice? They give everything equal weight and they don't make me assign value, which would feel arbitrary today anyway.

1. I twittered this the other day, but I'm still loving this picture of me and Boonie, Bethany's dog. 


I love how we look related. And also, she's neither a puppy or a short dog. She's a good, medium-sized dog and isn't always that amenable to being picked up. But we're pals. Yep.

2. We saw Julie & Julie the other night. O frabjous day, a romance movie where the happily ever after is really about two women getting publishing deals (not really a spoiler, since you know about those two books already) rather than the men of their dreams (although they already have those). Yes, there were problems with the movie (Nora wrote a more convincing Julia than Julie, we thought), but how lovely it was. I'd see it again in a heartbeat, and it's one of the few movies I'd like to own.

3. I'm on deadline (BOOK TWO DUE SOON OH SO SOON), so I'm writing my fingers to the bone and draining my brain completely dry. Last night I was so exhausted that when Lala came to bed I woke up only enough to ask if she was on a top secret mission. She said yes (OF COURSE SHE DID) and I asked what it was and she said it was a secret, and I said she could tell me and then I fell asleep. So now I'll never know.  


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Hah! "..isn't always amenable..." Dude, I don't even pick her up. She looooves you.

I love your question, and I LOOOOVE Lala's answer!

...and now WE, your loyal readers (who can totally be trusted with top secret mission related information) will never know either.

Also: KICK ASS on the book!

Love the picture. You both look so happy! Good luck with book 2

Don't you just love what the sleeping brain comes up with? I have been known to kick DH in my sleep, and then later explain to him that I thought he was stealing my books. LOL!

Ha! Boonie is just a wee bit afraid you are going to take her bone. I recognize the look. Such a cute pic though.

Actually, I said I could NOT tell you.

Interesting that everyone seems to like the movie... I didn't really like the book, because I found the author whiny & presumptuous. (Julia Child wasn't a big fan of the whole thing...)

The ears totally make that picture

I just love that Lala said yes! :-)

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