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I Forgot To SayAugust 21, 2009

In the sadness of last week, I said on twitter but I forgot to remind you here to go over to PensFatales to read Barbara Bretton's lovely piece she graced us with during her blog tour. She has a new book out, Laced With Magic. It's awesome -- I just finished it last night, and I loved it. I've said it before, I love her. I want to be her when I grow up. Everything I've read by her is fun, romantic, funny as hell, sweet, and smart.


I feel like a heel for forgetting. Go over there and give it a read -- it's very her and gives you a good sense of her voice. It sneaks up on you and then gives you a nice return for your reading investment. Go, look, see if I'm right. And then see what the rest of us are up to, also.


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I have been waiting for this. I read the first one after checking out PensFatales before. Thanks for the heads up.

Cool post. Her book "Casting Spells" has been sitting on my TBR list forever. Maybe I should move it up a few notches.

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