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Kindle VS BookAugust 2, 2009

Since I don't mind waiving my medical rights, I go with the Kindle. But this is hysterical:

I have some writing to do today and then a baby shower to prepare for which will feature the guest of honor, which, to me, is really the best way to have a baby shower, isn't it? The dishwasher is running and I'm ready for the day. Enjoy yours.


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My hair stylist's boyfriend at Green Apple collaborated on this series of videos! He's at French Press Films. Such a small world!

Books will always come first with me. And now that I know that having a hearing-aid can cause shock if I use kindle.....even MORE SO. My husband has an e-reader. When I tried using it in a cafe with flourescent lighting, I found the letters very difficult to see. No thanks.....books for me.

How about Book vs Kindle vs Library? No cash transaction and a personal/local exchange with another human! Our library can get me anything within a week or so.

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