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LoomAugust 10, 2009

Do you have ANY idea how much restraint I have?


I did NOT buy this, even though it was only $80. EIGHTY dollars! It's a Kliot, and it's made by Lacis, (seen at Lacis, in Berkeley). The two reasons I didn't buy it were that I don't know anything about it, whether it's considered a good starter table-top loom or not (I was thinking about an Ashford IF I get one which is not a for-sure yet -- stop laughing, I can hear you), and I don't have time.

I don't have time to watch more than an hour or two of TV a week, and that's if I really, really try to fit True Blood into my life (lovin' it). I don't have time to spin. I barely have time to knit. When the heck would I weave? (A little voice inside me whispers that it uses up the handspun so quickly--oh, the Christmas gifts I could make...)

Thoughts, anyone, on this loom?

And THANK you, all, for your genius ideas on swag! Again, I am humbled by the fact that I have the smartest, prettiest, nicest, best readers in the whole world. I've known that forever, and I'm so grateful and happy.


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I too have been hearing the siren song of looms lately . . . the small kind, not the fills-a-room kind. Sigh. I guess I'm no help in talking you down.

Looms are really fun! I have a Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom with a stand, and I can weave all sorts of things and it's way faster than knitting. Also, weaving is pretty easy. You figure out how to warp the loom, and then you just move your reed up and down and slide the shuttle through the shed. It's great for making presents. I can make a whole scarf with a ball of Noro sock yarn in an evening. Email me if you have any more questions about weaving or looms!

Aaaw...you think we're pretty?

You know, it's just a matter of time on the loom, chica. That's how these things go.


p.s. Thanks for your help with the blanket stuff. We're off and running.

I've been tempted by the loom before, mainly because you can use up sock yarn in a snap. But let's be honest, there are only so many vivid multicolored table runners one person needs!

Oh, you tease! I saw your one-word facebook update and came running over here to ogle your new loom! lol

Your schedule and my schedule sound like twins separated at birth.

OMG, I am totally addicted to True Blood and also have no time to watch. Thank god for DVRs. I know nothing at all about looms, but I'm proud of you for your restraint (even if it only lasts until someone tells you it is an awesome loom and you should buy it, like, yesterday).

I'm looking for a loom too!

So, if you don't have time to spin, what handspun are you going to weave? (as if you don't have any already...)

It can double as a chicken roost.

I'm so not helpful.

(Mom has one of those big room-filling looms. It was our living room for many years.)

Buy it. Buy it now.

It's a tapestry loom. You would probably be happier starting out on a Rigid Heddle loom. I have a 20"Schacht Flip RH loom and a 32" Ashford RH (the non-folding one). I've also used an Ashford Knitter's loom and it's fine for knitting yarns. I like both for different reasons. Ravelry has a rigid heddle group. Go look at the WIP and FO thread.

I don't have time to spin and knit and weave either, but I do anyway. The smaller RH looms are portable, so you can take them along almost like your knitting.

Good thing it didn't have a kitten attached to it!

Here's my thought on this loom: why don't you long-term borrow mine?

$80?! How could you not! I just got a cricket loom and I can't wait to get started. it's from tactile! love those ladies.

I love that you think we're all pretty! And because you think we are ... we ARE!!

think i know how you feel....on one hand, sometimes I feel like i'm a jack of all trades and a master of none.
on the other hand, I like learning new things and immersing myself in the learning of it. It is good exercise for the brain, no?

but why oh why do our passions and crafts have to be so darned expensive.

with all that being said, you know like the fiber arts, so go for it. you can always cycle through knitting, spinning, dyeing,and yes weaving. I also think it's best to go the next level up from what you think you are going to need, be it spinning wheel, sewing machine, or yes even a loom. That way if it doesn't work out, it's easier to sell!


Well, if you lived closer, I do have an Ashford table loom that we'd like to sell - 8 harness with stand. It's lovely - but we've got a floor loom which seems to fulfill our needs.

Anyway, I'd recommend the Ashford - nice product!

Yer Dad weighing in. Looks like a good loom to make basic weaves and not occupy the living room. Back in hippy days, you could buy such a basic loom kit for $35, so the price is right.

But you might find out if you want to weave for free, then move to that or a better loom. The Herron Laptop loom is now available...will send pics through e mail. It works, has a 19" rigid heddle (don't you remember me flattening brass rods and drilling them?), hardwood where needed but mostly stained pine, up and down shed, so two where the other says three, but they may count neutral as a shed. It doesn't sit on the table, you wedge a u-shape notch against the table edge, capture the other side with your tummy. Mine is 2 feet by 2 feet, if you want to play with it first.

Let me know if you want the Herron Laptop Loom.



No idea about that one, but I just bought an Ashford Knitter's loom (from Purlescence) and it's AWESOME.

I was going to say "get your hands on a Flip," but your Dad's offer sounds like a big winner.

Hey, I think your Dad has been keeping secrets from you! His loom sounds cool! A rigid heddle loom would be a better first loom than a tapestry loom.


I've been wanting a loom ever since reading The Private World of Tasha Tudor and seeing her loom and finding out that she wove a lot of her own fabric. Insane I know. But $80, you should have bought it for later, you know when you have more time.

It's a tapestry loom ( a specific type of weaving). The rigid heddles suggested may be more along the lines of what you would like.

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