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Thank You August 17, 2009

Thank you so much, darlings. We're hanging in there. Your comments are beautiful and hard to read and really, really meaningful. We are so lucky to have you and we talk about The Blog all the time. Big, big love sent to you.

I miss Harriet sitting under my feet when I work.

Right now, I'm sitting at my desk writing. I'm doing the write-hard-and-fast thing for forty-five minutes, using Mac Freedom to take myself offline, and then I get a 15 minute online reward (now! Hi!). I'm fluctuating between hot and cold, so I'm going between wearing my Noro Retro Prep sweater and my Jeanie wrap. I feel very knitterly. Also, my hair is pulled back with a pen stuck through it, so I feel writerly, as well. I love my writing props (also included are my big loud timer, post-its (MUST HAVE POST-ITS)).

And recently, my addiction while writing has been a track I bought on iTunes called Brown Noise. I'ts a little lower pitched than regular white noise, and it's completely perfect (you can find it if you search for it -- I think it's about 30 minutes, but if you read the comments on it there's a hack to make it never ever break and just continue looping). It's even better than a rain track. It's just noise. It doesn't distract, and it's been serving as an almost trance-inducer. I don't use it when I'm farting around online, but as soon as I want to go back into the work, I hit play, and BAM, I'm back into writing mode.

And I'm almost out of time. So I gotta....

But wait! Digit wants to say hi. Last night while I was going to sleep, I was checking Twitter one last time (love Twitter), and Digit was playing with the camera on my phone. You know when your friends take drunk pictures of themselves with your camera? That's what he did:

O hai. I am gerjess.

Also, I have the SEXAI!


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Digit iz in ur fotos, impressin' teh laydeez...

that Digit is something else entirely! I think he knew you needed a laugh :)

Ouch, Digit! You just made coffee come out of my nose! (too funny!)

That's hilarious! What a smart kitty that Digit is :) :)

Funny Digit! A truly sexy kitteh.

LOVE teh boyo! moor, plz...

love the Digit photos!

Hi, Digit! You are sooo gawjus.

lost my own best. dog. ever. this spring.

isn't amazing, realizing we are so blessed to have these creatures in our lives, even for a moment?

i miss ruger every day. but even the sorrow is ok. it simply reminds me just how important he was.

i'm glad harriet spent her days in such love. remembering the joy will carry you when your grief becomes too much to bear.


Man, I love that cat. I'm sorry about the loss of your Harriet.

Oh HAI DIJIT !! You iz in da blog cheerin us up after sayin bye to Harriette? Scritches for the magical kitteh.

LOL! Digit is oh so clever! I always find those extreme closeups on my phone cam whenever I get home from a visit with my nieces.

Digit could teach kitteh hottnez. He haz it.

I still miss my Baileydog, who has been gone for over 10 years, and fret to the point of insanity if Murphy is even slightly off his feed, as he has been lately. Dogs share our lives - I totally understand Harriet's role in yours and Lala's. Murphy has been my continuity through all the insanity of the last 8 years. He's not allowed to leave yet.

It's those extra "fingers" - they make Digit very talented!

Man, I love that cat.

LOL on digit...at least he wasn't drunk dialing your home # while you were sleeping...ring ring...YOOWWWLLLOWWW MRRRRRRROOOWRR

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