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The Cat Is Out of the BagAugust 24, 2009

And the cat is on the blanket.  (Click there for the real story.)

Zoom is awesome, and I adore her, and she's had a shitstorm of a year (lost her job, got breast cancer, sustained back injury) and she needed some love big time.

So we made her a blanket. I'm not posting this as a Look What We Did, I'm posting this more as a Look How Easy This Was. I've had a couple of people ask about my Love Blanket that the knitters made me after Mom died, and I have to tell you this: in a fire (god forbid), it would be the one non-breathing thing I would try to save. (Okay, my computer might rank up there, too, but I'm trying not to admit that out loud.)

My blanket is that important to me. It has that much love infused into it.

If you wanted to make a blanket like this for someone in the knitting community, and if they had a blog (the only way I know how to do it):

1. Stalk their comments. Go to each commenter's blog and send them an email, asking if they'd like to participate. (Alternately, go to the blogs listed on the blogger's blogroll and do the same.)

2. Once you have a bunch of people interested, set up the ground rules. For Zoom's we made 8inch squares, any color, any pattern. We got amazing results by letting people use their imagination.

3. Once all the squares are in one place, safety-pin each person's name on each square.

4. Invite local crafters over for a crochet party! I know that crafters can get crazy-involved in making sure seams are perfect and we DID NOT do that. My own blanket was put together with single crochet, and that's how we decided to do Zoom's --it means the back side looks like stained glass, and although it's a bit bulky, I think it's perfect. And it's fast, yo. No mattress stitching here.


5. Crawl all over the blanket and make a map of names on a piece of paper so that when the recipient takes off the safety-pinned names, she can always tell at a glance who made which one.

6. Mail that puppy. Let your loved one wrap it around her. It will mean the world to her. Zoom and I will attest to that.



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Aw, man, that's awesome. So much love, from all over the world!

I recently finished a similar group effort project, a pillow for my grandma's 90th b'day. I blogged about it on Aug. 11 and it's also in my Ravelry (livnletlrn) projects, in case anybody wants to have a look. I hope it makes her feel every bit as loved as Zoom and you do with your fabulous blankets.

thanks for letting me take part!

I'd definitely save that blanket from a fire. I have a Hemlock Ring that I'd save from the fire and it isn't even off the needles yet.

The laptop would definitely be on my save list. Don't be afraid of the tech.

As a knitter I so understand the love put into each and every square.. Good for you for enabling one and getting one for yourself. Such a loving gesture.

And it means the world to the people who got to knit their love and good wishes into every stitch of every square, too. It was life-affirming to contribute to such a worthwhile project and heartwarming to see the blanket on display in Zoom's house... with Duncan perched on it like it was made for him! Thank you and Grace for letting me be part of this. Zoom deserves the best and I hope "our" blanket will bring her comfort, support and love.

If the person is not a blogger you could use their ravelry friends list as well. The blanket is beautiful.

Oh, yeah, Cath, I forgot to put that in there, thanks! Ravelry, perfect.

A huge thank you for coordinating this effort. It was such a joy to be a part of this. And big hugs for your sisters and friends for helping you put this together!

I too once coordinated a group knitting project (a 6-person baby blanket). It was so much fun to see the creativity that arose. In that case, as we were all in the same city, we picked the colours, bought the yarn, divided it up among us, and we decided on the size of the pieces. Then we each did our own thing. It was awesome and the recipient loved it.

Also made me smile to hear that your blanket is one of your prized posessions. Awwww

Oh I SO wanted to help you with this - if this is what you wrote about back in July. I was out of town! Do you have a pic of the back? I'd love to see the stained glass effect.

See? You made me get all teary! You are so right about the love.

Hi Rachael:

The Zoom blanket is gorgeous and so much appreciated by the lady who received it! What a lovely gift! If you start another blanket for somebody special, I would love to knit a few squares. xx


Rachael, I just this moment noticed that the extra square you sent along says ZOOM on it! And there's a heart! It's funny, you know, I've always hated my real name, but I absolutely love Zoom and I get a little burst of joy whenever I see it written anywhere (even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with me, like that ZOOM teeth whitening system, or ZOOM airlines). So thank you for that extra little burst of joy today.

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