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Hero Name UpdateSeptember 11, 2009

If anyone wants to write romance and is looking for a hero's name? YOU SHOULD READ THE COMMENTS FROM MY LAST POST!

You know the one that made me swoon the most? It's from Beth P. in Maryland:

I voted for Luke, but, would like to suggest Mark.
I am rather partial to that name, even though my Mark is NEVER called Mark, he is called Doc! Twenty years in the military wearing his name on his uniforms (LastName, M.D.) it was inevitable!I voted for Luke, but, would like to suggest Mark.

Don't you love that? It doesn't fit with my new guy, but I'm putting that one in the bank for a future leading man, for sure.

And according to the poll, most of you like Luke the most (do we all picture Luke from the Gilmore Girls? I know I do), and hardly any of you like what used to be my front-runner (Hoyt, for Hoyt Axton, singer of my dreams).

But then a few of you suggested the obvious.

Hank. Sturdy. Old-fashioned. Strong. And I love the slight echo it has of fun stuff: hank of yarn, hanky-panky...

Dude, that was fun.

It's not set in stone. It could change. There are so many names on that list that I love, that I might draw from. And I never have to ask again -- I have names on that list I can work from for years to come. No baby-name books for me, I'm all set. Woot!

Also, there is a rumor (the best kind) that the advance reader's copies of HOW TO KNIT A LOVE SONG are in the mail on their way to me. There will be a drawing, my chickens. All I'm saying. Stay tuned. I'm SO FLIPPING EXCITED.


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I love all your hero name suggestions! I've used a few -- but now I want to steal some :-) Can't wait for your book to finally come out!!!

Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how exciting it will be to hold that book in your hands!

Hmmm...Hank and spank. :-)

If this baby is a boy, his name will be Henry, and we will call him Hank. :D

So glad you like Hank! (My comment just squeaked in first, so I get the credit, right? (grin).) Really, though, you've got a LOT of great names in there.

And, um, you DO remember that I not only have a blog for writing, but also one that reviews knitting books, right? Because, it's really not that much of a stretch to imagine a review of your book on there... Just sayin'!

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