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Newsflashes of Things You Already KnewSeptember 16, 2009

You all are awesome. I had the best time posting that there video, and I think it made everything so much more real. I have to admit that I've personally watched the video probably five times, and I got to relive the moment, over and over, which I wouldn't have been able to do, relying on my crappy memory. I would have been able to say, Hey! I opened my ARC box! It was great! Instead, I got to watch myself get teary and silly and over-the-moon happy.


Now, I'm back to writing and hanging out and having my days off (yay days off! They are nice! You knew that, too?). But here you go, for viewing pleasure, if you like (click to enlarge):


This is the uncorrected proof -- the real thing, looking somewhat different, will be in a bookstore near you on March 23, 2010.


Knitting content in next post, I swear! xoxo


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March? We gotta wait till MARCH? can't we get it by, I dunno, Christmas or something?

I could use a good knitty bit of fluff reading.

I'm really looking forward to reading this. It just begs for a fire, a cozy blanket and a cup of tea to make for a perfect afternoon.

Imagine the following in a really high-pitched voice: AWESOME! :)

I can't wait to read this!! It will be coming out just in time for my convalescence.

That's my baby sister's birthday, and now doubly exciting! Can't wait to read it :) xx

You don't have to have knitting content.... we, I mean, I live vicariously through you and your many adventures... Doing what we all wish we had done.... write a book, build a house.. or what ever. I'm so glad to see someone actually realize thier dreams. Thanks for sharing!

Look! It's you! On the cover of a book! That you wrote! That is so deeply, stupendously awesome, there just aren't enough exclamation points. !!

I'm not usually one to wish time away, but I sure wish it was March so I could read this! Congrats. =)

VERY cool! I can't wait to read it!

That looks like knitting content to me!

Well, now you've arrived. Go watch that video again and soak it in.

*sigh* I got teary too Rachel. I think we should all make videos of when we get the book in our hot little hands to read!

Look at you!!! On the back of a book! I'm so excited for you!

I can't wait!! and you picked the right pic for the back.

That's so aweesome! Congratulations! :)

Am SO looking forward to getting my hands on your FIRST book! Your little Mama is smiling down at you now my dear...

WOW! Congratulations, I know you must be thrilled to see your book all done and having it look so great and all! I am so happy for you!

Great cover! Hey, my next book comes out March 23, 2010 as well. :-)

Wow! LOVE (1,000,000)...
Congratulations again and again!

This is very exciting! I look forward to reading it, although I wish I didn't have to wait until March:)

Oh, and there is your name in big bold letters and your real deal photo on the back! It for real now, and I, for one, am big much proud of your accomplishment.....
Mucho Congrats AGAIN!

It looks so great! I can't wait to read it!


duuuuuude! i got chills!

*happy dance*!!!!!

So excited for you Rachel!!! Look at you, makin' those dreams come true =)

Can't wait for March to get here!

I nominated you for a blogging award (Kreativ Blogger), I hope that's ok. I've been reading your blog now for over a year and you're quite an inspiration girl! Keep doing what you do!

You can see your nomination here
and "pick up" your award -

Love it! And yout voice is just as I imagined (but LaLa's is not) Congrats honey. Can't wait to get a copy!

um....exciting much!!??? march 2010... it'll be here before you know it!

Can't wait to read it!

When are you posting the tour dates? Need to know if you are coming to a city near me (Austin). CONGRATULATIONS!

Can't wait to read it. I hope it's available for my Kindle:)

Congratulations! Ditto on the kindle store question :)

I've been a 'lurker' for a long time and I am so very happy to emerge from the shadows to say CONGRATS. I knew that you would achieve your dream - I just knew it!!! You are a delight and a really good human being and you deserve the best.

I've been a 'lurker' for a long time and I am so very happy to emerge from the shadows to say CONGRATS. I knew that you would achieve your dream - I just knew it!!! You are a delight and a really good human being and you deserve the best.

No! March!? But I want it now! Kindle for me, too.

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