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CravingsOctober 16, 2009

I have such cravings this morning:

  • for sushi.
  • for pot roast.
  • for spinning something soft.
  • for a ride on a vaporetto in the fog.
  • for sleep.
  • for writing.
  • for more coffee (I can fix that one!).
  • for scrambled eggs (that too!).
  • for ice cream (chocolate, with caramel sauce).
  • for sitting on a foggy beach.
  • for an early night and sweet dreams.
  • for popcorn and a movie.

Oh, that list just made me happy. What are you craving right now?


The last of the tomatoes and a very, very funny carrot.


Mmm...ice cream. Hot fudge for me, though. And please have some more coffee for me. God, I miss coffee.

It must be funny carrot season. Go check out what I posted last night...

Interesting list.

Please don't get the sushi and the pot roast mixed up - preparation styles differ...

- coffee (always)
- sushi
- time to just sit and knit
- a stormy day to stay in bed and knit, watch old movies and sip tea
- Peace in my life
- hot Earl Grey tea and toast with mamalade
- lunch at Duartes in Pescadero
- to not be needed for anything for 24 hours.... bliss

My life has become so crazy since my sister decided to contest me being my mom's conservator... I need to find an Attorney, go to court, bring my mom home from rehap after her stroke, figure out my new routine with those changes... still work full time, and keep my boss and employer happy. All seems a little impossible to me, but I just keep moving forward, day by day and hope for the best. Wish me luck and best wishes...

Bacon and eggs, and to find out I have just won a large chunk of cash! And can go home and go back to bed!

Now I want sushi too...and that is so not in the budget right now! Not fair.

I am about to start a pot roast though, so it will all be okay.

I've been craving pot roast too. I'm also craving cold weather. Unfortunately, I can't pick up weather at the store.

Sleep. Rest/peace in general. A job. Peanut butter, cheddar cheese, and onion on toast (a creation of my dad's that sounds nowhere near as good as it is). A clean apartment. For some of my photos to sell. Roasted beets with gorgonzola. To play Scrabble, for some reason. To knit and watch a movie. A bacon, mozzarella, and sliced pear grilled sandwich on sourdough (smashing it between two cast iron skillets is important, for some reason. I like my sandwiches thin and cut in half). Joy. Taking delight in the simple things.

I am craving Bubble Tea, sunshine, beaches, that extra nap tomorrow morning so I get up at 7am instead of 5am, my cat Quantum worming her 16 pound self onto my lap regardless of whether there's space or adequate support, and my karate purple belt (must practise for test!)

Ditto the foggy beach--extra points if a fire is involved.

Also, a giant (like, OBSCENELY huge) monitor.

...those two things aren't to be combined, however.

A fire and to spend the rest of this cold rainy day in front of it with a cup of tea, my knitting and a book. Mustn't forget the cozy sweater and blanket.

a stiff drink. ;)

-time to lay in bed with man and cat and just cuddle and be warm
-a long mellow bike ride
-a reading chair
-to paint the sun room
-a really cozy sweater
-a new dress

Oh....I am craving a Indian food and red wince, immediately followed by a dark chocolate torte w/ fresh whipped cream, a caramel macchiato (extra shot of espresso please), my knitting, a cozy couch and a thick handknit blanket, a good book to read, the entire Buffy box set loaded in the DVD, and peace & quiet to enjoy all of the above. That or I am craving going to Rhinebeck for all the fibery, friendy goodness!!

I'm craving... time to knit. Time to sew. Time to cook. Hmm. I think I am craving time. But alas, there are 2 more hours in the work day and then? it's a work weekend. No time today.

Sweet and sour chicken. Because someone said "sweet and sour chicken" near me and that was apparently all I needed to crave it! Highly suggestible I guess.

I'm craving vanilla ice cream, some quiet down time and hugs from my family.

Cheese pizza, and something made with white flour and baking soda. A good long shopping session in a well-stocked cookware store (not to buy, just to look). Tea and a scone with real English trimmings. A cat.

Skipping work to curl up in our big beater leather chair with a wooly blanket to knit, drink tea, and listen to a book on tape. All week I've been plagued by this one.

An extra long massage from my favorite masseuse.

I'm in Vancouver right now and the sushi is to die for. And EVERYWHERE. It's wild. My new favorite is tempura yam.

- Roasted squash
- A new living space
- BFL to dye and spin
- A job!
- Or at least the motivation to do something productive with my newly-discovered free time. (Free time? What's that?)

I'm now totally craving Egg-shaped carrots! And pudding.

Oh Rachael, now I'll just have to drive to market and buy a pot roast! I went to Sheep and Wool yesterday, so today's cravings have been satiated save one: time to sit and knit or quilt or write or read w/o ANY interruptions.
Have you ever tried horseradish on top of your pot roast?

an answer, a diagnosis and a prognosis.
yup, me the doc waiting on someone else. funny that isn't it?

I'm craving chocolate and I'm trying to fight this craving as I gained 10 lbs over the summer and well I..... well I... humpf

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