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Drumroll, please! October 27, 2009

With two guest appearances:

The winner (J.A.) has been notified by email, and what I didn't say in the video (I was just so surprised!) was that she was in my very first ever critique group, back in undergrad days, almost fifteen years ago. She was one of the very first to ever, ever read my work. It's so . . . fitting. (But I also wanted it to be you.)

That was really fun. I think I'll like this giving things away gig a lot.

Kisses. And a growl from Digit, because that means love in his language. (Really, it does.)


my GOODNESS you are adorable

Oh, Digit.

You know what I'd pay cash money for? Seeing Digit in Miss Idaho's hat. Oh, yeah.

Congratulations J.A.!

Digit is hilarious! I'm glad to know there are other kitties that show love by growling.

Digit, such a friendly-sounding cat, LOL! He's lucky he has you, as you understand him in a way not many others would. :-)

Congrats to JA! Lucky girl.

Gasp! J.A.? Your J.A.? Our J.A.? That's so cool!

Duh. Just watched the video. Silly me.

Goodness me that was the sweetest video. I was on the edge of my seat (and not even in the draw!)
It would be great if you could do little reading slots - with guest pet appearances, of course!

Wow. If my cat were making noises like that at me, I'd drop him like a hot potato, or there would be blood! He's gorgeous - and so is Miss Idaho! And so are you!

So cute! All of you!

Hi just wanted to tell you that you totally inspired me to join in NaNoWriMo this year. Last year when you were in it, I had never heard of it, and now, here I am joining in the craziness.

Good luck to us all.

Hey, that video was fun to watch -- it didn't even matter that I wasn't the winner of the ARC. Cool that it is someone connected to your history like that.

Miss Idaho looked gorgeous - and Digit is just wonderful.

You are too cute!

So tremendously AWESOME to see Digit in his growly glory.

His story never ceases to amaze.

Congrats to the ARC winner!

OMG! You are so cute. It really is a pleasure to see someone who has such genuine joy in their heart!

Thank you for sharing your journey.

All the best.

Rachael, I think that you are adorable! I am so glad that I shared my pot roast recipe with you - it makes me happy to know that we have something in common beside knitting and writing!!!

you are a-door-able! Digit too. and of course, Miz Idaho. thanks!

YAY for more video of Digit >.<

you are just too damn cute! loved the whole thing especially mr. digit at the end.

My Shih tzu growls for love, too. His tail is swishing away, but growling at the same time. Love that Digit! :) (Never met him, but what a guy!)

Congrats to J.A.!

It was so nice to hear your voice after years of reading your words!

I agree :) So nice to see these clips after ages of reading you!

You are such a sweetheart :)

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