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I Forgot To Tell You October 22, 2009

That I blogged over at PensFatales about BLOOD (It's October. We were feeling gory). But that was a few days ago, so you'll have to read through a few other great entries by my fellows Pens to get to mine, and then I hope you'll keep on readin.'

I have this image in mind: Someday, we're going to be at something, an industry gathering of some sort. A writer's convention, RWA, or RT maybe. The Pens will be bunched up somewhere, laughing, probably admiring Sophie Littlefield's fishnets, and people will point and says, "Look! The PensFatales. Did you see them? They're over there. Man, is that a lot money, prestige, and good looks all in one place." Another person will say, "You go talk to them." "No, YOU go."

Meanwhile, we're just being dorks. But we'll look cool from a distance. That's a nice dream.

In closing, a parting knitting shot -- working on Fiona Ellis's Bonnie from the Twist Collective -- I'm doing it in the round with raglan shaping because I really didn't like those set-in sleeves. Using Mission Falls, and I'm adoring it. I just attached the arms, and now it's HEAVY and slow. I love this never-ending yoke time.


Proof I still knit


Speaking of gore, or at least mental carnage we must explore adapting The YW and The M for Oct runs.

I'm working (well, I have worked) on Bonnie, too. I'm using (at least when I was working on it) Cascade 220 Superwash. I'm using the original construction, but I did the sleeves first. I don't know why I don't always do that. I will (yes, I will) finish it for this winter, though. I've got an even older WIP in my lap right now, and it's for DH (who nags me more than I nag myself).

::putting on my future vision glasses:: I like it :)

ps. the sweater is pretty-Great color....

I'm imagining me someday with my writing sistahs, in the process of retiring from my day job, enjoying the fruition of my dreams . . . you make it seem possible!

writing/knitting ... knitting/writing - will follow you and your process, no matter what!!! Big faith!

In my dream the people intimidated by our pure awesomeness are Gerard Butler and Alexander Skarsgard...just so you know.

There's a lot to be said for looking cool from a distance.

Your "blood" post was the best... just sayin'. :)

When you convert such a cable heavy pattern to raglan shaping how do you handle it? I love Bonnie - just don't love the set in sleeves. I prefer the raglan shaping as well.

Jeez. I just went and read your entry. Dammit girl, you get me every time.

Just keep writing. You truly do have a gift.

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