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Fall RoombaOctober 8, 2009

Oh, god, this is the best time of year, isn't it? I can smell leaf-smoke right now, as a matter of fact, and I'm drinking it in. (Okay, it might actually be barbecue smoke, which is kind of more likely. But I'm telling myself it's leaf smoke, and I'm sticking to it.)

Just last week we had that first perfect day where the air never really got warm, and the wind kicked up, and the leaves blew in eddies on the ground. Now, I know I live in Northern California, and there are some that would argue that I can't lay claim to any kind of real seasons because of that, but I would argue this: I think that makes us better at season detection. We have to be. No great clues tip us off -- we just get the slightest temperature dips, and small color changes to tell us that changes are afoot.

And fall -- I MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED THIS -- is my favorite. How can it not be everyone's? That smell, the sound of the wind, the early nights, the look of houses in early evening with their lights on, people moving around inside (yes, I'm a peeping Tom, but not in the creepy way), the preparation for winter to come, the thoughts of sweaters to be made, the laying in of wool...

I seriously can't wait. Every year I feel like I want to dig my fingers into this time, to hold on tight, to not let it slip past without noticing every second. (It strikes me that that's part of fall knitting, isn't it? The urge to grasp and hold that feeling. Which is why we DON'T do it so much in the summer, I suppose. I'm trying not to hold anything in summer at all, except ice cubes and drinks made with gin.)

Makes me want to squeeze a Digit who might be getting a belly:


And in other not-important-to-anyone-but-me news I got my Roomba back! Life is so much better again! Mr. Roomba had broken for the umpteeth time, and for the umpteenth time, I'd taken it back to Costco to exchange him. God bless the Costco exchange policy, because as much as I love that machine, it's a badly made piece of equipment that fails often.

However, one day, Costco DIDN'T carry it. They gave me my cash and said goodbye. I almost cried. Tumbleweeds started to blow through the house again, even with the frequent aid of the Dyson.

(One favorite moment from when Cari was visiting last weekend -- they'd entered the house to raucous animal activity, and Thumper looked at the animals which were bouncing in their hordes as they do, and his eyes widened and he said, "It's CRAZY in here." Yes, child. Yes, it is.)

Then, one day, not only was the Roomba available online at Costco, but it was a hundred dollars OFF! AND, when it was delivered, they sent it with four extra brushes (the piece that always broke that necessitated the return). My theory is that they have my name flagged at Roomba HQ -- they saw it come across their desks and said HEY! She's back! For the love of god, throw in those brushes! It'll slow her down! (Really, though -- if you clean it out everyday when you get home, and speak nicely to it, it'll make you very, very happy. Even though it tends to shake itself apart every four or five months. I love it.)

Bonus Venetian gondolier hat shot!


Hat actually purchased in Venice! I'm sure it's totally authentic.


You are absolutely right about the subtleties of season detection! I've been smelling fall this week, too, and I'm LOVING it.

Fall is the best season, and October is the best month, I think. And like y'all, "season" is a relative term here in TX -- just this week it has been summer AND fall, twice each!

I LOVE that Digit is getting a belly. What a change in the past couple of years. YAY!

I hated fall in Davis. I love fall in New England, although I just wish summer existed in New England. I was promised a beautiful spring/summer, but we had a Davis-winter-in-summer this year. Lots and lots (and lots and lots) of rain.

1) You may have convinced me to get a Roomba (with extra brushes). I had given up the fight against dog hair, but maybe I can go another round if I have my own Mr. Roomba. I'll be sure to buy it at Costco.

2) Digit in the Venetian gondolier hat is TO. DIE. FOR.

I am so very jealous of you having Cari as your houseguest. I would've invited myself over this weekend if I'd had the time. and You're so very right about Fall in the Bay Area. My favorite time, too! Smooches.

Is it me, or is Digit looking less cranky lately? ;) Yes, I love fall. My husband occasionally talks about us becoming snowbirds in the future, and I always tell him that if I can't wear my sweaters, I'm not going!

Gotta love fall! Ok, the real question is which type of Roomba do you have? It seems like there are many choices.

Me too, I love Fall, the best time of the year. Time to cook soups (we love soup at home) and wear scarves (probably the only knitted item possible here in San Diego). Oh, yeah, and you are not alone into peeking into peoples' homes. I drive through a residential area after work just to look at the houses and the decorations that are coming out and if possible into the rooms. And not in a creepy way, as you say.

As a SoCal native I agree 100% with you about the season detecting. Despite the fact that the palm tree leaves aren't falling and it's still been plenty hot some days, I've been loving the crisp, bright feeling in the air that only appears during fall, when the air seems to crackle with energy. Fantastic.

I want a Roomba! Your floors were so much cleaner than mine and we only have one nonshedding dog and one jam-shedding toddler.

Also, Celia, NEXT TIME!!! I would SO love to meet you in person.

Median plantings show fall and spring. Daffodils in spring (and most of the winter, too.) Leaves in fall. I'm thinking coming off the Richmond Bridge onto Sir Francis Drake.

The light changes, not just the timing, but the quality. And we've had lots of bright blue October skies.

And if we want a little more in-your-face season, we can drive to it. (drive to the snow! makes me giggle every time I say it)

Of course we have seasons. We are Good at detection. And we have wet/dry overlaid with the Four Seasons. So we get extra!

Digit pictures! SOOOO cute! I love the furry pussycadz and his return from the 12th of never!!!

If anyone is deserving of a belly, it is Digit.

Rachael -- I love your blog entry called "Not ashamed of Romance". Have you thought about putting it on your author blog?

What's a Roomba? We have Costco in Blighty, but I have no idea what a Roomba is...

My mother is a Roomba addict and now has three (my parents have three dogs and three cats-the addiction is justified). Even better, Roomba often "calls" my mother at work (with help from my father) and croons to her in a heavy Latin accent about how fabulous her floors now look. So anytime someone mentions Roomba, I imagine a suave man with beautiful black hair-is that so wrong?!?! :-)

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