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Sign Up!October 27, 2009

Last chance! For romance! No, not really. There's always more time for that. It's just time for you to sign up to be on my mailing list! I won't spam you, sell your list to ANYONE and every month I'll give a little something away to someone on that list, just for fun, because I think that would be fun.

And TONIGHT, I'll draw the winner of the How To Knit a Love Song ARC! In the meantime, you can sign up right here (if you haven't already):



Okay, come back later! I'll tell you who won! (I'll email the winner, never you fear. I hope it's YOU!)


I hope it is me too. :)

Well, I TRIED to sign up, but the registration link sent to me in e-mail "appears to be broken!" and I can't confirm that I'm me. :-(

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