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What scared me when I woke this morningOctober 1, 2009

Willie, sleeping on one of Clara's squirrel toys.


No, really, that would make you jump, too.

Happy October, everyone. You know what that means. Time to start thinking about Nanowrimo! Skedaddle over there now and get signed up, and then start plotting! You can think about your ideas all you want, just don't start the actual writing until November 1st. (Confession: I went to their headquarters the other day and dropped off an ARC of How to Knit a Love Song for Chris Baty, because I lurve him and I wanted to show him his name in the acknowledgments and I got a hug and told him how much he and Nanowrimo as a whole mean to a whole lot of people. I had a Moment. He was very aw-shucks about it. I was a goose. It was teh awesome. I shall now go follow him on Twitter because I realize I never have.) 

(I have something that I'm DYING to write about during Nano, but I'm not sure about writing two different books at once. I'm kind of interested to see if I can do it. I'll keep you posted.)

Edited to add: I think I could do it. Write two books at the same time, I mean. (Lala, at this point, is panicking. She's thinking about what I'm like normally and she's REALLY hoping I don't take on this challenge, I bet. BUT I LOVE A CHALLENGE.) But think about it. I only write in the mornings. I am NOT a night writer. I'm dumb at night. I don't even usually write in the afternoons. Too stupid, too brain-dead. So what if I *did* use that time? To write the Nano? I'd use my normal writing time, my smart time, to write the contracted (oh, sweet contract) book. I'm well into that one, and it's going well. But at night? To screw around, writing Nano, which is just for fun, anyway? Doesn't that sound like the equivalent of writing candy? SO ATTRACTED to this crazy idea.


That photo reminds me of the first time I saw a snake eating a toad. I thought it was some sort of freaky mutant snake with two legs, and had a real "d'oh" moment.

Scary and I am trying to talk myself into doing NaNoWriMO (never have done it, but keep wanting to express myself through writing). Can't wait to read your book- is the drawing for a copy coming soon?

I did not have my glasses on and I thought for a moment a large wig had attacked something, then I realized it was the cat!!( I also need coffee) I say go for the Nano writing! There nothing like a challenge!

I'm planning my NaNo! Hubby's already sent in the programming for the new Wordcount Widgets, my region is planning a pre-kick-off meeting on the forums and I HAVE A PLOT! I've had it since June but I filed it and now I'm looking over it and I think it will be so cool to write. I love it when I can get quantum mechanics into a story.

You are early, lady! They haven't re-launched the site for 2009 yet!

I am considering. I have an idea I've been researching most of the year, and if that doesn't work, I just read an excerpt from last year's novel that was so good it made me cry, so I could rework that one. I'm going to England the last week of Nov, so I'd have to be finished before then, but I think I can do it.

Go for it! I'm trying to come up with a decent idea. Every year so far I've gotten off to a good start only to have the idea decide that it just wanted to be a short story instead. The kid has managed to finish though. Can I be her when I grow up?

Night Writer. Hee hee.

I look at that picture and all I can think of is "demon Monkey!" or "Hey, it's Fizzgig!" (Dark Crystal reference)

Even scarier than strange animal toys on the floor is the fact that Jim and I have booked a trip to San Francisco at the end of next March (25-31). Seeing as he turns 49 on the 26th, it could get freaky.

We're going to some the touristy stuff - do you have any ideas how cool I think Alcatraz is? And I found out after that Lacis in in Berkely - OMG.
Other than this, I'd love to have info from an insider and meet you and Lala for at least drinks, if not dinner.
I can't believe I'm going somewhere - someplace cool! (bounces around).

Can I get some input when you have a minute, dear?

Wow, that photo kinda freaks me out just a tad. I'd be afraid of stepping on it! Lol.

I have not thought about Nano yet but now that you mention it...

Alas, I must go work on that. THanks for the reminder!


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