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BREAKING NEWS! I am pill-free.November 11, 2009

OMG. So much excitement over here at Chez Hehu. I was on my way to bed for a nap (ON VACATION, PEOPLE!) when I was bothered by the state of pills on my favorite sweater. You know the one -- you probably have one like it. My writing sweater lately has been my old orange one, the one I'm always trying to replace with new sweaters, but I always go back to it. I don't even like to take the trash out while I'm wearing it, because the neighbors know I knit, and it would be embarrassing. It's THAT kind of sweater.

It doesn't even fit that well. It's a little short, and it rises in the front, and swings in the back, and it's COVERED with pills. Patons, man. Cheap and soft and all, but give a girl a break in the pill department already, right?

I'd already asked Santa for the TOP OF THE LINE pill shaver for Christmas (no, I don't know what that kind of shaver is, but that's what Amazon reviews are for, right?), but I couldn't stand it anymore, so I went to Ravelry to see what My People suggested. (Added to my state of panic was the fact that the sweater I'm about to finish is in Mission Falls 1824 Wool -- lovely and soft, but it is pilling while still on the needles -- urgh.)

Someone on Ravelry suggested a disposable razor.

Like the kind you shave your legs with.

It was magic. I have now shaved all the sweaters in the house. I have a mad gleam in my eye. Nothing is safe. I tried the back of the couch -- you should have seen the fur that rose up off it. I'm thinking that Digit might look good with a haircut.

In the meantime, I have nothing with which to shave my legs.

But my sweaters are PILL FREE.

I love stay-cations.


I just shaved my favorite cardigan this morning, it's also Patons and I love it to death but man, it was looking ratty. I dug around and found my sweater stone, but I was thinking about using a razor.

Rachael, I have missed your knitting, but enjoyed your writing of late. I have this sense that you are a rising star among us - that you will catapult right out of our midst when the book arrives - and I, for one, will miss you! Yours was one of the blogs that inspired me to create my own. Am anxious to read your work, but anxious about losing you!

ROFLMAO. Legs are done; I'm going to see what else I can shave!

That was totally my grandma's trick!

You mean razors are for legs too? ;) Will be digging one out tomorrow for sure, have some sweaters that could use a good shave.

Great tip! I have a zipper cardigan that's one of my favorites, and I have been troubled by the pillage of late. Pillage, hah.

What an interesting phrase: "I have now shaved all the sweaters in the house."

Oh, and for the record? A Furminator brush/comb works wonders on the kitties AND the furniture. :-)

Whoa!! Thanks for the tip. You might have saved a couple of my sweaters!

Shave legs. Shave ... legs.

Nope, sorry, does not compute. I'm glad your sweaters are unpilled now though.

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