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Editing LetterNovember 21, 2009

I just got my marked-up Book Two manuscript back from my editor! Huzzah! It's exciting! Book Two is necessarily the one writers worry about. Book One is the one that's all polished and shiny and ready to go out into the world. Book Two is the one written on deadline, with the niggling worries in the back of the mind (was the first one a fluke? will I have to move to Borneo?). But my editor has great notes, great ideas, and I can't wait to get back into it.

(I've been having the most annoyingly obvious dreams about getting my editing letter though -- last night it was a waitressing dream. All the glasses of water I served were cloudy. The night before I dreamed I found a baby snowboarding down a snowy slope, but I knew he would find his way safely to the bottom of the hill. I'm so dang LITERAL.)

So it is, therefore, time again to watch Lara Zielin's Editing Letter video:

Lara wrote a great young adult book called Donut Days, which I recently read (and I loved it -- highly recommended). We share the same amazing agent

The other video that I can't seem to get enough of is Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga. This isn't really my style of music, or video, or anything, but something about it caught me and I just love it. 



Just ordered a sample of Donut Days for the Kindle!

Glad the edits are helpful and motivating!

LOVE the Editing Letter video! Doesn't hurt that it brings back all those 80s memories with the nod to Corey Hart. I had that one on vinyl.

And Borneo? I would think of it more like: WHEN this book does really really well? I'll GET to move to Borneo! :^)

I also heart the Bad Romance video! Have you seen Jezebel's analysis of the video: http://jezebel.com/5401481/latex-sex--a-burning-sensation-an-analysis-of-lady-gagas-new-vid/gallery/?

That video is spectacular...I don't even like the song much, but I've watched the video several times!

Great video! And huzzah for the sort of NaNo - that's great progress!

For some reason I keep thinking of Grace Jones when I hear the delivery of the 1st part of the song...I like this (altho GJ is the obvious pioneer/performer of the 2 imho--but a lot of that *is* a personal taste thing)


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